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Loporrit Ear Emote is Coming to FFXIV Patch Update 6.35

Every bunny is gonna have a good time!
Image Via Square Enix

We have known for a bit now that the new 6.35 update would bring a new emote called “ear wiggle” which was inspired by our Loporrit friends. Last week Square Enix finally released a video showing off how the emote works. We are so excited that the Loporrit Ear Emote is coming to the game finally.

In the video linked below you can see the emote being shown off by all the races in Eorzea, yes that means Roegadyn, Mi’Qote, Lalafell, Au’ra and humans can magically grow ears to flaunt around. In the video we also spotted the Global Community Producer Toshio Murouchi. Murouchi-san has been seen in many videos wearing this cosplay, so it’s nothing new to fans!

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We don’t know how to unlock the emote yet, but we know for sure that it will be acquired from the new beast tribe quests being added to the game on March 7th. There’s rarely this much commotion about an emote in any video game. It’s fun to see the Final Fantasy XIV developers have some fun with something as silly as this. We cannot wait to walk around Limsa Lominsa and see everyone showing off their cute bunny ears!

Square Enix’s video showing off the new emote.

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