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How to Get Chunks of Complimentary Chondrite in FFXIV

Want to know how to get Manderville Weapons on FFXIV?
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Step away newbies, because this one is not for you. This guide going to focus on players who have reached level 90 on FFXIV. It primarily focuses on Manderville Weapons; these are relic weapons that were introduced to FFXIV during the 6.25 patch release during Endwalker. With so many relic weapons out there to make it’s no wonder players are farming and stocking up on resources. Materials you find in FFXIV can lead to creating fantastic weapons to use during dungeons. In this guide we’re going to teach you how to get chunks of complimentary chondrite in FFXIV to make Manderville Weapons.

Chunks of Chondrite FFXIV

What are chunks of Chondrite in FFXIV? They’re a resource you can find that can help you make an amazing Manderville weapon. What is an amazing Manderville weapon? Unfortunately before you can get started even thinking about it you’re going to want to complete a few Manderville quests. The quests you need to complete are “The Spectacle of Inspection” and “Generational Bonding”. Honestly, make sure you’re caught up with these quests because you’re going to want to complete them for these relic weapons.

Chunks of Chondrite is used to make a glowing weapon with a level of 630. These resources are only available after you’ve completed the quests. Once you have completed the quests you need to seek out Radz-at-Han (X:12.0, Y:7.1) and talk to Gerolt. Talk to him about making Manderville weapons and he’ll talk to you about chunks of Chondrite. This will prepare you for the next quest called Well-Oiled. Next, you’re going to want to speak to Jubrunnah who is at the plaza of Radz-at-Han. You’ll need to exchange your Allagan Tomestomes of Astronomy for 3 chunks of Chondrite.

That’s all you need to for the quest portions to obtain chunks of Chondrite. If you’re wanting to just buy them freely you’re going to need to speak to Jubrunnah again and exchange those tomestones.

Manderville Weapons FFXIV

As we have stated above, Manderville weapons are level 90 relic weapons that can be crafted after you have completed the Hildibrand quests. The quest line for Hildibrand is extremely long. Long, but worth it for the content and memes. You have to work hard until you’ve reached the quest “The Imperfect Gentleman” because this will unlock Manderville Weapons quests. Due to them being level 90 relic weapons this means you have to achieve level 90 in either Disciples of War or Disciples of Magic.

In order to start the first quest that will introduce you to these weapons you’re going to want to complete Make It a Manderville. Before you do that you’re going to want to speak to the NPC known as the House Manderville Manservent in Radz-at-Han. Manderville weapons are allowed to be upgraded after the 6.35 patch and the final weapon is set to be available by 6.55 patch update.

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