Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies

Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies

You can use lots of different tile combinations in Loop Hero to help you farm more resources and acquire better gear to defeat The Lich. Placing cards next to specific ones or combining several of the same cards might create an enhanced tile or even a completely new tile. It’s all part of the mystery and allure of the game. Here’s our known list of Loop Hero tile combinations and synergies. Try these out in-game and try to work them into your strategy to make your runs more efficient.

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If you are new to Loop Hero, each of the tile combinations found below requires specific cards, some of which you may not have unlocked yet. Check your deck and make sure you have the proper cards to draw. You may need to build more structures at your camp to unlock new cards so you can try out these synergies.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies

Here’s a known list of Loop Hero tile combinations and synergies that work well together and provide enhancements to existing tiles:

Bandit Camp

Place two Villages to make a Bandit Camp in a nearby tile. A bandit spawns on an adjacent tile every two days.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies - Bandit Camp

Blood Path

Place 2 Battle Field tiles next to each other to create a Blood Path, which spawns a blood clot every four days. Consider putting these after the camp, so you get your chest and rewards immediately after completing a loop.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies - Blood Path

Blooming Meadow

Place a Meadow next to any other tile to make a Blooming Meadow, which heals 3 HP at the start of each day.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies - Blooming Meadow

Burned Forest

Place a Forest in the path of a Storm Temple to make a Burned Forest. Turn the lower attack speed Forests into Burned Forests, and keep the Thickets intact for the better buffs. Burned Forests provide +0.5 Magic Damage, which provides more bonus damage on top of your base damage.

Burned Forest

Count’s Lands

Place a Village next to a Vampire Mansion, and it becomes a Ransacked Village for three loops. It then turns into the Count’s Lands, which gives you more HP per loop and better quest rewards. You can use an Oblivion on the Vampire Mansion to get rid of the annoying Vampires, while still turning the Ransacked Village into a Count’s Lands.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations - Count's Lands

Empty Treasury

Surround a Treasury with eight tiles to make an Abandoned Treasury and gain various resource rewards. It also spawns a Gargoyle every three days.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies - Empty Treasury

Goblin Lookout Post

Place a Swamp next to a Goblin Camp to make a Goblin Lookout Post, which adds a Goblin Archer to battles on adjacent tiles. Goblin Camps spawn each time you place down 10 Rock or Mountain tiles anywhere on the map.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations and Synergies - Goblin Lookout

Hungry Grove

Place a Blood Grove next to a Grove and destroy the Grove with Oblivion to make a Hungry Grove. It occasionally attacks the hero for 11 damage and devours enemies that have less than 20% HP left.

Mountain Peak

Place nine rock or mountain tiles in a three-by-three square formation to make a mountain peak, which provides 120 HP and +5 HP for every adjacent mountain and rock tile. It also spawns a Harpy every two days.


Place a Sand Dune next to a River to make an Oasis, which reduces your hero’s attack speed by 0.5%, and other creatures’ attack speed by 1%. Oasis tiles are useful when you play Rogue. Creating a larger gap between you and enemy mobs’ attack speed comes in handy later in the game.

Loop Hero Tile Combinations - Oasis

Overgrown Field

Place ten Forest cards anywhere on your map to spawn a “Village?” tile somewhere in your loop. Create an Overgrown Field by placing a Wheat Field next to the “Village?” The Overgrown Field spawns a scarecrow every four days, like a normal Wheat Field, but also creates Field of Blades (Plant and Swam-type) enemies on empty tiles during combat.

Ransacked Village

Place a Village next to a Vampire Mansion to make a Ransacked Village, which spawns up to four Ghouls once per loop. It also transforms into Counts Lands after three turns.


Place a Battle Field next to a River to create a Shipwreck, which spawns an enemy Siren and spawns chests.

The above list is not complete, so check back often and email us with any missing tile combinations. We’ll do our best to keep this updated as new patches and content release. Please include a screenshot of the tile, like the images shown above in this post.

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