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How to get Orbs of Expansion in Loop Hero

How to get Orbs of Expansion in Loop Hero

There are many mysterious resources you can collect throughout your loops in Loop Hero. It’s not until you unlock the Encyclopedia that you learn how to get most of them, and even then, you won’t have all the answers. One of the more elusive resources you will require is known as the Orb of Expansion. Reliably getting the Orbs requires some know-how, so we’re here to help you out. Here’s how to get Orbs of Expansion in Loop Hero.

How to get Orbs of Expansion in Loop Hero

The Orb of Expansion item has a chance to drop in fights with more than four enemies. Drop chances increase alongside the number of enemies. Simple enough, but how can you reliably farm these Orbs and guarantee battles of five or greater? As this is one of the more rare resources in Loop Hero, we’ll give you a few examples.

The easiest way to guarantee five enemies on a tile is by using a Vampire Mansion alongside a Village. It may be tough to stay alive in this battle if you don’t have the proper gear, though. Ensure your equipment is at least on par with the loop level. Otherwise, you might have some trouble. 

Another way is to get battles with five enemies is using a Spider CocoonVampire Mansion, and Cemetary. Refer to the image below to see the setup. Throw a Chrono Crystal next to the Spider Cocoon, so there are always five enemies on the tile. You can even choose to place a Battle Field next to it, for a total of six enemies and a higher chance at an Orb of Expansion.

How to get Orbs of Expansion in Loop Hero

For other resource information, you can check out our Loop Hero resource guide. You’ll find a complete list of resources, along with explanations of how to get them.

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