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Loop Hero clears 500,000 players in one week on Steam

The innovative new roguelite title known as Loop Hero, from Devolver Digital and indie developer Four Quarters, has sold over 500,000 copies in a week since its release on March 4, 2021. To celebrate the new milestone, the team is releasing Steam Trading Cards for their game, along with a teaser of future updates. You can check out the details below.

If you haven’t tried the game yet, Loop Hero mixes various elements of different genres into one unique experience. Players load into a procedurally generated map with a circular path which they “loop” around. The player controls their own experience by using cards to modify tiles. Cards can spawn monsters, grant buffs to your hero, and unlock additional bonuses. Monsters get more challenging after every loop you complete, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. There’s a boss on every level, which spawns after you play several cards to fill up the boss meter.

Not only is the game a massive success on Steam, but here are some other interesting stats: it has the fastest-selling soundtrack in Devolver Digital history, an average user playtime of 12 hours, and over 18 billion loops completed by its players.

Four Quarters teamed up with BardtheZombie on Twitter for a special series of Stream Trading Cards, which are now available. 

Thank you all for your support and excitement for Loop Hero from all of us at Four Quarters! Right now we’re working on patches with quality-of-life updates you all asked for, including a system for saving during expeditions, new speed settings, and a deck of traits gained from bosses! After that, you can expect to see lots more content added to the game, such as new cards, classes and transformations. We can’t wait to share more updates with you all soon!

Head over to Loop Hero‘s official site to learn more, or visit the Steam page for more details. Loop Hero is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and SteamOS + Linux.

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