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Loop Hero Resource Guide

Loop Hero is the epitome of don’t judge a book by its cover. While it looks simplistic, this game is packed full of great mechanics and hours of addictive gameplay. One of your primary progressions in the game is expanding and upgrading your camp. To do so, you will need resources and a lot of them. Here is our resource guide to help you figure out how to gather these much-needed resources.

Loop Hero Resource Guide

Stable Wood

  • Stable Branches x 12

You will need twelve stable branches to create Stable Wood. Passing through Groves will give you a steady supply of Stable Branches. 

Preserved Rock 

  • Preserved Pebbles x 10

You can convert ten preserved pebbles into Preserved Rock. You can collect pebbles by passing through Cemeteries and also by placing Rock and Mountain tiles.

Food Supply

  • Ration x 12

You will get Food Supply for every twelve rations you receive. You will get a ration each time you place a meadow tile. You will also receive rations occasionally when you pass through a village. 

Stable Metal

  • Scrap Metal x 13

Stable Metal will be formed from thirteen Scrap Metal. One way you can acquire scrap metal is by building meadows and rocks around treasuries. However, the best way to get scrap metal is by letting armor and weapons get dismantled by overfilling your inventory. 


  • Noticeable Change x 20

Getting twenty Noticeable Change will form a Metamorphasis. You can get Noticeable change by placing tiles down that are modified by other tiles. For example, if you place a meadow next to any other tile, you will get a Blooming Meadow and be given some Noticeable Change. The same will happen when you form a Mountain Peak. You can read up on all of the various tile combinations that will supply you with the Metamorphasis resource in our tile combination guide.

Book of Memories

  • Memory Fragments x 10

You will need ten memory fragments to make a Book of Memories. Fragments can be gathered if you pass through a Cemetery when you have a Cemetery constructed at camp. You can also gather fragments if you let your cards overfill and they start to get destroyed. Each new card will supply you with a memory fragment. 

Orb of Expansion

This orb is typically gained when you kill more than four enemies in a single fight. You can get a mob of five monsters if you place a Vampire Mansion next to a Village to spawn ghouls.

Orb of Immortality

You will get an Orb of Immortality for killing the Lich.

Orb of Craft

  • Craft Fragments x 10

Craft Fragments will randomly drop from enemies in the second level of the game or higher.

Orb of Unity

  • Shapeless Mass x 10

Ten shapeless mass resources will combine to make an Orb of Unity. The Lich may also drop the orb. Various enemies have a chance to drop shapeless mass on the second level or higher.

Orb of Afterlife

  • Pitiful Remains x 10

Ten Pitiful Remains will form an Orb of Afterlife. You can get pitiful remains as drops from enemies in the second level of the game or higher.

This Loop Hero resource guide is a work in progress, so please check back as we update it with more details on each of the different resources, along with some farming guides. Have fun loopin out there!

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