How to Beat The Lich in Loop Hero

How to Beat The Lich in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is an adventure card game by Four Quarters and Devolver Digital, in which players find themselves in a world of timeless loops. As the game progresses and you complete more loops and get more cards, the enemies get a little more challenging. The main boss for Chapter 1 is The Lich, and it can be a difficult battle if you don’t have a good deck or the proper items for your hero. Here are a few tips on how to beat the Lich in Loop Hero.

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One thing to consider is that the earlier you fight The Lich, the easier the battle. You can try to get The Lich to spawn quicker by killing as many mobs as possible before completing each loop. More kills equal more cards, and using cards is how you fill the boss meter on the top left of the screen. When the bar is full, the boss will spawn. Use cards like Spider Cocoon combined with Chrono Crystals to spawn extra mobs that are not difficult to beat. Place your Battle Fields with your other monster spawning cards to add to the total number of enemies per battle. Avoid placing Battle Fields close together, as that will create a Blood Path tile, which spawns a hard-to-kill Slime.

How to Beat The Lich in Loop Hero

To beat The Lich in Loop Hero, you can consider a simple deck consisting of the following cards:

  • Battlefield
  • Blood Grove
  • Grove
  • Meadow
  • Mountain
  • Oblivion
  • Rock
  • Spider Cocoon
  • Treasury
  • Village

Save your Oblivion cards for The Lich spawn, and use them on as many Lich Palaces as possible when the boss spawns. The Palaces grant bonuses to The Lich’s damage and health, making him all that more difficult to handle. You can also place things around your camp to cut down on the number of palaces that pop up, as this is where The Lich spawns.

As far as gear goes, the single most important stat to focus on is evasion. The Lich deals a lot of damage, so evading a few hits during the fight could make or break it for you. Aim for around 40%+ evasion for a comfortable victory, but don’t neglect your damage. Another stat you can try is Vampirism, which provides life leech each time you hit an enemy. There are lots of viable builds, and there’s some RNG involved in what items you get. You can also try building around your talent skills, with something like high defense stats if you get the talent that scales your damage with defense.

Higher rarity items may not always be the best choice. Opt for items that give you the particular stats you want, and ignore the rarities altogether. Finally, consider unlocking every possible upgrade for your camp. The herbalist hut (with upgrades) is a game-changer and can really turn the tide if you’re having trouble defeating The Lich.

Using Hungry Groves to Kill Bosses

The best tile for boss kills is the Hungry Grove. You can refer to our Loop Hero tile combination guide for a quick rundown on how to achieve this tile. In short, build a Grove next to your camp with a Blood Grove next to it. Use an Oblivion card on the Grove, and the remaining Blood Grove will turn into a Hungry Grove. The Hungry Grove kills any mob that has 20% health and below. It is a very useful card on boss fights, and will certainly help you kill The Lich.

If you are low on Oblivion cards, you can opt for the Blissful Ignorance active trait, which deals you a full hand of Oblivion cards. The trait also makes Oblivion cards heal you for 10% max health, so you can go into the fight with full health.

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