How to Make a Mountain Peak in Loop Hero

The cards you play in Loop Hero can combine with other tiles to make unique effects. There are dozens of different combinations, and it would take a while to list them all. One of the most basic ones you can make is a Mountain Peak, and it grants some beneficial buffs for your character. Here’s how to make a Mountain Peak in Loop Hero.

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How to Make a Mountain Peak in Loop Hero

To make a Mountain Peak in Loop Hero, you’ll need to combine nine rocks or mountains in a three-by-three grid. You can mix and match the rocks or mountains to make the Mountain Peak since there are no specific requirements. There is a limit of one Mountain Peak per map. Both the Rock and Mountain card are basic cards that get included in your deck at the start of the game, meaning you won’t have any issues drawing them.

You may wonder what makes a Mountain Peak so good compared to the regular Mountain or Rock. Let’s take a look at the side-by-side stats for each card.

  • Mountain: +5 HP for each adjacent rock or mountain
  • Rock: +2 HP and +2 HP for each adjacent rock or mountain
  • Mountain Peak: +120 HP, +5 HP for every adjacent mountain/rock tile, spawns a Harpy every two days.

The best placement for a Mountain Peak is anywhere that allows you to surround it with more Rocks or Mountains completely. Doing this allows for the max possible efficiency and health gain from the Mountain Peak. Consider placing it one row and one column in from the edge of the map, for example. Building this also spawns in a Harpy every two days, which, as you already know, is a good thing since we want to kill as many monsters as possible.

How to Make a Mountain Peak in Loop Hero

That’s how to make a Mountain Peak in Loop Hero and some reasons why it’s one of the best early game card or tile combinations. Good luck!

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