How to Use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero

How to Use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero

Chrono Crystals are among the many cards you can choose to include in your deck in Loop Hero. There’s a brief in-game explanation of what this card does, but you still may be wondering how to put it to good use. Here’s how to use Chrono Crystals defensively and offensively in Loop Hero for some more comfortable runs.

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There are many tile combinations in Loop Hero, so this is not a complete list of every possible use for Chrono Crystals. You may find these combos useful for early and mid-game efficiency, though.

How to Use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero

Chrono Crystals are a card in Loop Hero that double the effect of a day’s passing on adjacent tiles. In other words, whenever a day goes by, any tiles within the Chrono Crystals radius will be twice as effective. You can implement a few strategies to take advantage of this card, so let’s take a look.

Offensive Chrono Crystals

Perhaps the best use for Chrono Crystals is in the early game. Place a Chrono Crystals near a Spider Cocoon to make it even more useful. As you may already know, Spider Cocoons are the best early game card for spawning enemies. The more enemies that spawn, the more cards you get, and the longer your loops take. If you want to take on the boss at a low loop level, you’ll want to place a Chrono Crystals tile next to a Spider Coccoon, so it spawns two spiders a day instead of one.

You can do something similar with Cemetary skeletons. If you place a Chrono Crystals tile next to a Cemetary, it will spawn 1.5 Skeletons per day instead of one every three days.

How to Use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero - Setup

Defensive Chrono Crystals

If you already have enough mobs spawning every loop, you can use Chrono Crystals defensively instead. One of the best uses is placing Meadows within the Chrono Crystal radius. Instead of healing 2 HP per day as a Blooming Meadow, it will heal 4 HP per day (or 6 HP as a Blooming Meadow). To further boost Meadow effectiveness, try placing a Chrono Crystal next to a meadow that is surrounding a Treasury.

Another excellent defensive use of Chrono Crystals, albeit a bit harder to optimize, is doubling the day passing healing effect. As you probably know, every time a day goes by, your hero will heal based on how many Meadows and other passive health regeneration tiles you have in play. And when your hero is within the Chrono Crystal radius when a new day starts, the healing twice as much!  

As of the time of writing this, Chrono Crystal effects do not stack. For that reason, it’s pointless to try and double buff a Spider Cocoon with two Chrono Crystals.

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