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How to get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero

How to get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero

There are various types of resources to collect in the game Loop Hero. Each resource has a particular purpose, usually to craft some building or supply item to make your runs easier. As you build more things for your camp, you’ll realize you need some Orbs of Unity, and the Encyclopedia description isn’t all that helpful. We’ll show you a quick way of how to farm them efficiently. Here’s how to get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero.

The “River” building, which unlocks the River card for your deck, requires four Orbs of Unity (along with 2 Metamorphasis and 15 Orbs of Expansion). You may have gotten to the point where you’re farming materials but never seem to pick up any Orbs of Unity. 

How to get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero

Orbs of Unity drop from liquid and swarm-type enemies in Loop Hero. The easiest way to accomplish this is by spawning the “Village?” tiles by placing ten forests down. When the “Village?” randomly appears on a tile in your loop, place a Wheat Fields card next to it. The Wheat Fields turns into an Overgrown Field tile.

Overgrown Field spawns a scarecrow every four days, but more importantly, it creates a Field of Blades on other tiles during combat. The latter is a swamp-type enemy, which means a chance at Orbs of Unity. They deal a fair bit of damage, so don’t underestimate them. 

How to get Orbs of Unity in Loop Hero

Blood Clots can also drop these, but it’s a slower approach to the Forest Village method. In case you’re not sure, Blood Clots spawn when you place two Battle Fields close together to create a Blood Path. The swarm of Bats from Vampire Mansions can also drop Orbs of Unity, but again, it’s a slow grind.

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