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How to win Slime Climb in Fall Guys: Strategy Guide

How to win Slime Climb in Fall Guys Strategy Guide

There are many courses to master in Fall Guys. One of the second levels you will encounter is called Slime Climb. The objective of this map is to get to the end and qualify before other players. In this guide, we’ll show you some tips and tricks you can use to win Slime Climb in Fall Guys every time.

How to win Slime Climb

Unlike some of the other levels, your starting position is pretty essential in Slime Climb. However, even if you are dead last at the start, you still have a chance to finish in the top five by shaving some time off with a few of these shortcuts. The first shortcut you can take is at the first left turn.

Shortcut #1

Jump on the yellow triangular bounce pad to get a quick boost up to the second level. Make sure you time it so that you don’t get knocked off. This shortcut is easy, but if your starting position is in the middle of the pack, you might have a lot of competition trying to do the same thing. Feel free to bypass the shortcut if it’s too crowded. There are a few more skips ahead.

Fall Guys Slime Climb Shortcut #1

Shortcut #2

Another shortcut is at the next area with the rolling balls. To the right of the path are three pathways that lead to dead ends. Use the third path to boost yourself up to the platform. Again, make sure to not get knocked off by the pusher. 

Fall Guys Slime Climb Shortcut #2

Shortcut #3

Next up, you have the area with the treadmills and stacks of donuts. On the second to last treadmill, you can jump up to the blue ramp, completely bypassing the turn. Jump up and proceed across the yellow balance beams. 

Fall Guys Slime Climb Shortcut #3

Shortcut #4

When you get to the blue ramp, you can turn around and jump up to the purple jelly pool. Doing this allows you to skip the turn once again. Make your way across the jelly pool, but stick to the right side.

Shortcut 4

Shortcut #5

You can jump up onto the wall and skip a part of the course. It’s a trick many players are not aware of at this point in the game.

Shortcut 5

Run to the finish line, but make sure to look out for the donut stacks and swinging objects! Doing all of the shortcuts allows you to complete the level in under one minute, which will put you far ahead of even the toughest competition.

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