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How to Win Hex-A-Gone in Fall Guys

How to Win Hex-A-Gone in Fall Guys

There are many different courses in Fall Guys, and some are more difficult to master than others. Winning the final stage is the most important, though, because that’s how you win the entire show and earn yourself a Crown. Final stages typically contain anywhere between 8-14 people, depending on the level. One of the last episodes is called Hex-A-Gone, and it’s winner take all. Here’s how to win Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone every time.

How to Win Hex-A-Gone in Fall Guys

There are three things you can do to increase your win-rate in Hex-A-Gone.

Understand the level

The first step to mastering any course is by understanding how it works. Hex-A-Gone is one of the final levels in Fall Guys, meaning the winner takes the whole show and earns themselves a Crown. All players start on the top level two tiles apart. Starting position is not all that important, but if there’s nobody around you, it is possible to hang out on the top level for one or two extra jumps. 

There are nine layers of hexagons going all the way down to the bottom, alternating between yellow, blue, and purple. This level is a test of situational awareness and character control. Being good at jumping and diving will take you a long way.

Timing your jumps

Timing your jumps is the most important thing you can do to win Hex-A-Gone. As you step over each shape, it will disappear in about one second. You have enough time to land on a tile, balance yourself, and jump to the next one. There are two strategies you will want to master: jump strategy and running strategy.

Jump Strategy

The ideal strategy in Hex-A-Gone is to jump between each tile individually. Running around on all the hexagons is not a good strategy unless you use it offensively, which we’ll cover later on in this post. By jumping between each tile one-by-one, you can stay on a layer much longer than if you were just running around aimlessly. The jumping method also allows you time to plan your next moves and check your opponents’ locations. You can jump between any two tiles as long as there is at maximum one missing spot between them.

Jump diving allows you to travel to tiles that are up to three tiles away. You can jump over two missing tiles as long as you dive at the peak of your jump. After performing this move, your character will be on the ground, and you’ll need to jump or move to the next tile as soon as you stand up. It takes about half a second to get up off the ground, leaving you with half a second to regain control and get moving.

Running Strategy

If an opponent is near you and trying to sabotage your game, you may want to switch to an offensive strategy. Cut them off by running in front of them and knocking out the tiles so they have nowhere to go. Other players will likely use this strategy against you. When that happens, try and isolate yourself in an area by knocking out all surrounding tiles. If you can manage that, switch to the jump strategy until you run out of room to move. 

Plan your path

As you’re jumping between each shape, have a look around you. Plan your route, so you know which way you’re going three moves in advance. Keep an eye on everyone’s position, and most importantly, pay attention to where you’re going to fall. Aim for an area that has a large cluster of tiles. Sometimes, falling down a level is a better option if you find the right landing area.

Overall, practice playing Fall Guys and mastering your movement. Once you do that, winning Hex-A-Gone won’t be a problem. If you’re going to be winning all the time, you might as well look good doing it. Check out our list of Fall Guys skins.

Fall Guys is available on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Plus.

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