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How to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys

How to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys

Fall Mountain is one of the final stages in Fall Guys. Players race towards the end to get the crown while dodging every obstacle thrown their way. If you’re having trouble winning, you can use some of these tips and tricks to help secure some victories. Here’s how to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys.

How to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to win Fall Mountain. Some strategies include picking the optimal paths and avoiding falling objects. The main objective is to reach the end first, so all you need to do is hold forward and never stop running. 

Fall Mountain is one of those levels where starting position matters quite a bit. If you are fortunate enough to spawn in the front line, you have a higher chance of winning, assuming a flawless run. 

How to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys - Spawn

Fall Mountain Spinners

You will want to take either the right or left path, depending on which side you spawn. When you spawn in the front, the falling balls will hit the spinners as soon as you get to them if you hold forward. 

The first set of balls always fall in the same location. If you run on the right path, go to the left side of the spinner. If you take the left path, go on the right side of the spinner. 

How to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys - Spinners


Up next is a set of walls, which you have to weave between to avoid the balls. It’s best to stick close to the walls so that you can switch sides with minimal time loss. 

How to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys - Walls

Diamond Obstacles

For the next part, run behind the pink diamond objects, and you’ll never get hit by a falling ball. Think of the pink diamonds as a shield. Running behind them allows you to pick your lane at the last moment, which can save you some time. 

How to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys - Diamonds


After that, you will get to the spinning hammers. Notice the direction they are spinning, and always go on the side that complements the rotation. Going against the spin will get you knocked back, and you’ll lose the match. When you go with the rotation, getting hit can give you a small speed boost.


Finally, grabbing the crown secures your victory. You can hold down the grab button at this part, so you don’t need to worry about that timing. You can also grab the very bottom of the crown, which is good to know if you have multiple people waiting for it to come back down. If you find yourself waiting for the crown, run in circles to maintain your momentum.

Now that you know how to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Good luck!

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