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How To Use Wonder Trade in Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home allows Pokemon fans everywhere to help alleviate some of the limited trade functionality in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can now store and trade your Pokemon from all different generations. One feature that has been part of Pokemon for years is Wonder Trade.

How To Use Wonder Trade in Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home is available across Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, allowing you to expand your collection bigger than you ever thought possible. There are some limits to Pokemon Home if you do not have the premium version, however.

Wonder Trade came out back during Pokemon X and Y and allowed players to get a random Pokemon for depositing one. Wonder Trade has always been a fun type of trading to try your luck.

The first step is to get pokemon Home on iOS and Android and start storing your Pokemon from different games like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

When you have some Pokemon you are willing to get rid of, open up Pokemon Home and tape on the top left trade icon. Select Wonder Box and you’ll see either three or ten slots depending on if you have the premium version of not.

Put your Pokemon into the slots to trade them for another random Pokemon. There is no telling what you might get, but it’s unlikely you will get something very rare. You cannot get your Pokemon back once you trade it, so be sure you are willing to part ways with whatever one you choose.

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