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How to Use Pokemon GTS in Pokemon Home

The Global Trading System is a way to help Pokemon fans to try and acquire those elusive Pokemon you just can’t seem to get your hands on. This system was a thing of the past but has since made a comeback in Pokemon Home.

How to Use Pokemon GTS in Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home is available for iOS and Android devices as well as Nintendo Switch. You will need to link it up to your “My Nintendo” account to get it setup. Here you can store all of your Pokemon from different games like Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Let’s Go, and Pokemon Go.

Open up your Pokemon Home app and head over to the Trade tab located on the top left of the screen. This will bring up some options, and you will want to select GTS. From here you can either deposit your Pokemon or search for Pokemon.

If you have Premium you can place up to three Pokemon up for trade, whereas with the free version you can only do one at a time. When depositing Pokemon, you will have to specify which Pokemon you want in return, so it functions like a regular trading system. You can choose from other options like gender and level if you want.

You can also choose to just browse the market and see if there are any trades going on you think are too good to pass up. You can browse all the different trades from people around the world and check if you can find the Pokemon you need.

GTS and Room Trade now work completely fine, so feel free to check them out in your Pokemon Home and start trading.

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