How to Use Heatwave in Final Fantasy 16

A counter for those enemies that can't seem to stop throwing magic in your face
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As you spend your time exploring the sprawling landscape of Valisthea in Final Fantasy 16, you’re bound to pick up a few neat tricks along the way. Most notably being the Eikonic abilities, a feature of the game that allows the main character Clive to call upon the power of gods. These creatures, otherwise known as Primals in other FF games, can grant you devastating attacks that are unlockable throughout the game. The first set of abilities you have in game are granted to you from the blessing of the the Phoenix. Initially only granting you two abilities, as you level up you’ll be able to unlock two more that you can interchange. One of them being a projectile-dispelling wall of liquid flame. So let’s slash our enemies and figure out how to use Heatwave in Final Fantasy 16.

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How to Use Heatwave in Final Fantasy 16

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Before you’re able to go ahead and start using Heatwave, you’ll first need to unlock it. This can be done fairly early into the game, as it only costs 120 ability points to learn. Make your way over to the abilities tab in the menu, and it will be located in the small red upper ring. Sadly, while each Eikon grants you 3 abilities to unlock, players are only given 2 slots per Eikon for abilities. This means, in order to use Heatwave, you’ll need to go over to the Gears & Eikons tab, hover over the circle or triangle ability, and select it to change it out with our new move.

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With your newly acquired ability equipped, it’s now time to test it out in the field. When in battle, this move is best used as a counter attack to magic projectiles. While you are able to use it whenever you please, its true power is brought out by waiting for just the right time. When dispelling the magic ability, Clive then hurls deadly amplified shockwaves back at the enemy. Hold R2 and press the respective button that you assigned the ability to right before a magic projectile hits you. This move is extremely useful for enemies who like to stay back and throw ranged attacks at you. But keep in mind that by now assigning this ability, you are having to give up either Rising Flames or Scarlet Cyclone.

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