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How to Ship Items Between Planets in Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Interstellar Logistics

So you’ve built a nice factory, worked into the tech tree, and even flown to another planet to start harvesting more exotic resources. Now you might be wondering how do I get these resources back to my home planet. Surely you can’t be expected to fly resources back and forth yourself. You would be right. To ship resources between planets, you need to build Interstellar Logistics Stations. Here is how to ship items between planets in Dyson Sphere Program.

How to Ship Items Between Planets in Dyson Sphere Program

Moving items from place to place falls under the realm of Logistics research in Dyson Sphere Program. Your logistics start off small with belts and sorters, but your demands will quickly grow. Your first major research in logistics will be Planetary Logistics System.

This research will give you access to the Planetary Logistics Station. Along with the corresponding logistics drones, this structure will allow you to ship resources between stations on the same planet. These are useful if you are have dedicated regions for doing specific things, and the belt runs would be excessive. 

This building will not let you ship between planets, however. For that, we will need to research Interstellar Logistics System. This resource will require

  • 1200 Electromagnetic Matrix (Blue Science)
  • 1200 Energy Matrix (Red Science)
  • 120 Structure Matrix (Yellow Science)

Researching the Interstellar Logistics System will give you access to the Interstellar Logistics Station and Logistics Vessel, the actual ship that will fly between planets.

Setting up the Interstellar Logistics Station

To start your cosmic trucking service, you will first need to build an Interstellar Logistics Station on your home planet. Once this giant tower is built, it will charge itself and might bog down your power grid if you are not prepared. Make sure you have enough power to support the system. 

When the station is built, you will need to create the Logistics Vessel and fill the station with them. 

Your station will have five empty slots. These are the resource slots that you will set your supply or demand for. Usually, your home planet will be pulling resources from the rest of the solar system and galaxy.

To request resources from another planet:

  1. Click and Empty Slot and Choose the resource you want to request.
  2. On the right, click Remote Supply
  3. Change it to Remote Demand

This means that this tower is demanding resources from other remote logistics stations. If resources are available, the Logistics Vessels will take off and go pick them up. It’s important to note that the Logistics Vessels will not leave unless there are at least 200 available resources.

Local supply on the station menu is the setting for the planetary logistics. So this would be for the other logistics station on the same planet. 

Now that you have your first station setup, it’s time to fly over to another planet and setup the second one. 

Setting Up the Remote Interstellar Logistics Stations

The setup for your remote station is simple. Build the tower and run belts into it with the resource you would like to export. Open the station menu and click on an empty slot. Choose the resource you will be shipping and leave both the Local supply and Remote supply settings alone. 

That’s all there is to it. Once your station fills up with resources and charges, the vessels will be dispatched from your home planet to come grab the items. If you look up at your home planet, you can probably see them on their way.

Can my Logistics Vessels Warp to other Systems?

Not all the resources you will need will be available in your starting solar system. Luckily the Interstellar Logistics Station can collect resources from other systems as well. To do this, your Logistics vessels will need the ability to Warp.

To give your vessels warp ability, you will need to research Logistics carrier engine Lv4, under the Upgrades tech tree.

Just like your Mecha suit, the Logistics vessels will require space wrappers to perform the jump to another system. 

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