New Buildings Dyson Sphere Program Icarus Update

New Buildings in Dyson Sphere Program – Icarus Update

Four new buildings have been added in Dyson Sphere Program major update, "The Icarus Evolution"

The first major update to Dyson Sphere Program in 2022 is out, and it has brought some great changes, patches, and additions. Besides the outstanding additions of the blueprint system and mecha customizer, the developers have also added multiple new buildings to the game. We will be reviewing these new buildings in particular, but you can check out the full patch notes here as well.

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New Buildings in Dyson Sphere Program – Icarus Update

The Icarus Update in Dyson Sphere Program has four new buildings and an important new craftable item. 

Advanced Mining Machine

Advanced Miner

We are super excited to have a new miner in Dyson Sphere. The Advanced Mining Machine finally adds an upgrade chain to the miners which originally stopped very early on in the game. This new building will cover more nodes than the regular miner and also mine them faster. It has nine output belts and will also works directly with logistics stations via drones. If the new and improved gathering speed still isn’t enough for you, you can scale the gathering speed up to 300% at the expense of electricity. 

Geothermal Power Station

Geothermal Power Station

Power generation plays a massive role in Dyson Sphere. We now have a new way to supplement power with the Geothermal Power Station. These new power stations can be placed directly into lava and produce 2.4MW of power at 100% efficiency. This makes them one of the best power producers in the game, with the caveat that they can only be placed on molten lava planets. The Geothermal Power Station would fit nicely with our best power setup guide.

Spray Coater & Proliferator

Spray Coater and Proliferator

The Spray Coater uses a new item called a proliferator as spray paint. There are three tiers of Proliferators, yellow, green, and blue which are made inside assemblers. The Spray Coater takes two inputs, the proliferator and a regular belt of anything. You can place it directly on top of a conveyor belt and feed the proliferator from the top. Items that go through the Spray Coater will get boosts, either to their production output or production speed. The higher the proliferator you use, the bigger the production bonus on your items. Spray Coaters do not need to be on the power grid.  

Automatic Piler

Automatic Piler

The new Automatic Piler is a building that can be put inline with your conveyor belts. Items that pass through it will be stacked, effectively increasing your belt bandwidth. You can stack items up to four high, increasing your belt capacity by four times. The Automatic Piler will need to be on the power grid in order to operate and is a great addition for end-game players. 

We love the new additions and the developers for listening to the community and continuously working on the game. Youthcat Studios has been releasing regular hotfix patches since the major “Icarus Evolution” update, so be sure to keep your game up-to-date.

Thanks to Nilaus for the screenshots. Check out his YouTube channel for some well-made Dyson Sphere Program Let’s Plays.

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