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Best Power Setup for Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is essentially a problem-solving game. You get presented with tons of little problems, and you have to find creative solutions for them. The game provides you with tons of different ways to approach it, and one of the main issues you will struggle with through your build is power. You will continuously be hitting power limits, which grind your production to a halt. You can fix your power problems in a lot of different ways, but we have a preferred power solution. Here is the best power setup for Dyson Sphere Program.

Best Power Setup for Dyson Sphere Program

Our power generation strategy is focused on the Energy Exchanger structure. Using this device and its peripherals, we will be moving all of our power generation off world and shipping it back in the form of fully charged accumulators. 

To execute this setup, you will need to have discovered other planets and have the ability to send items back and forth from them. We will need to research Interstellar Power Transmission and Interstellar Logistics System.

The overall strategy is simple. 

  • Find a planet close to the sun and put tons of solar panels up there.
  • Put an Interstellar Logistics Station on your home planet and your new solar planet. 
  • Put an Energy Exchanger (however many you like) on both planets
  • Build at least 400 accumulators (it can be less, but that’s a safe number)

Now that you have everything in place, you will need to load your home planet logistics station with empty accumulators. Set that station to Remote Demand Fully Charged Accumulators. 

On your solar planet, set the Logistics Station to remote demand discharged Accumulators and remote supply charged accumulators. 

Then simply belt the empty accumulators from your solar planets logistics station into your Energy Exchanger and belt the charged accumulators back into the station. Do the opposite on the home planet, and your all set! 

Once you get it up and running and have enough power, you can remove all of your power generation on your home planet. Need more power? Add more accumulators into the system and add more Energy Exchangers to discharge them. 

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