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Dyson Sphere Program Proliferator Guide

Improve your production with the new proliferator in Dyson Sphere Program.
How to Use Proliferator Dyson Sphere Program

The Icarus update in Dyson Sphere Program brought in multiple new buildings and items. A few of the additions were the proliferators and spray coater. At first glance, it may be confusing how the two work together and their overall benefit. But fear not, we are here to help. Proliferators work as boosts on items. When a proliferated item is used in a recipe, it will give a bonus either to the total amount produced or production speed. 

How to Use the Proliferator in Dyson Sphere Program

Before we start, you will want to make sure you have at least the Proliferator Mk.1 researched in your tech tree. You can find it right after the Semiconductor material research. 

The proliferator is essentially nothing more than spray paint. You produce proliferators using the assembly machines and move them using conveyor belts. There are three tiers of proliferators, Mk.1 (orange), Mk.2 (green), and Mk.3 (blue), each more efficient than the last.

Alone, proliferators don’t help you with much. You need to pair them with a Spray Coater. The Spray coater is a building that is placed directly on top of a conveyor belt. It inputs whatever is on the conveyor belt, plus an additional belt with the proliferator on it. 

Proliferators are simple to make. They are a one-to-one ratio with each of the tiers, meaning it will take one orange proliferator to make a green and one green to make a blue. Orange takes coal, green takes diamond, and blue takes carbon nanotube, plus one of each previous tier proliferator.

Once your proliferator is made, put it on a belt and send it up to a Spray Coater. You feed the proliferator on the second story of the spray coater, so you may need to hit the Up Arrow key to raise your belt one level. The spray coater will need to be on the power grid to operate. Once the spray coater is working and filled with a proliferator, it will start coating your items. You will see a small triangle on coated items, one triangle for the orange proliferator and three triangles for the blue.

Now you just feed your items into an assembler as you usually would. If all of the items in a recipe are spray-coated with a proliferator, you will receive a production boost. Note that if you have a multi-item recipe, each item will need to be spray-coated. If you have a multi-item recipe and items are sprayed with different tier proliferators, then the production bonus of the lowest tier will be applied. When you open your assembling machine, you have a toggle switch to either produce extra items or produce your items faster, depending on your needs. 

Below is an example where we increase the production of Frame Material by proliferating Carbon Nanotubes, Titanium Alloy, and High-purity Silicon. You can see the entire setup in the image below. It takes three spray coaters and each of them is fed with the blue proliferator from a continuous belt at the top.

It’s important to know that all of this boost in production comes at the cost of power. The higher tier proliferator you use, the more power the final production consumes. So make sure your power grid is up to snuff. You can check our power setup guide for some inspiration. 

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions about proliferators or any other aspect of Dyson Sphere Program, please feel free to reach out. 

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