Dyson Sphere Program Smelt Ore Automatically

How to Smelt Ore Automatically in Dyson Sphere Program

So you just started playing Dyson Sphere Program, and you’re finding yourself spending your precious time right-clicking to mine the ore nodes you need to build all your stuff. Surely there must be a better way? Well, there is! Here is how to smelt ore automatically in Dyson Sphere Program.

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How to Smelt Ore Automatically in Dyson Sphere Program

There is one golden rule in Dyson Sphere

Automate Everything!

It should be one of your goals to eventually never have to craft anything inside your mecha replicator. Ideally, you would be going around your base and grabbing your already built items. But before we can get there, we first need to automate some ore smelting. 

To start automating ore smelting, we will need five items. 

  • wind turbine for power
  • miner to mine the ore
  • Belts to carry the ore
  • Smelters to process the ore
  • Splitter arms to load the smelters

We can get all of these items by researching three different technologies.

  • Electromagnetism 
  • Basic Logistics system
  • Automatic metallurgy

All of these research items can be researched with some really simple low-level items that we can craft from manually processing the ore. 

We can start by placing a miner down next to a node. The miner will show how many nodes it can pick up and how much ore you will get out of the miner. You can rotate it by hitting R or Shift + R.

Next, we will need to build and put down a wind turbine. The wind turbine will have a blue circle around it, showing its distribution range. With the Electromagnetism research, you also unlocked a Power Pole. You can use that with the wind turbine to power your mini factory.

Next, we can place a smelter down next to the miner. Once the smelter is down, click on it and click on the big gear in the top right corner. Here we will be choosing a recipe. This is what the smelter will be making. In our example, we are mining iron ore, so we will be making iron plates. 

Now it’s time to connect everything. Run a belt from the miner right next to your smelter. Then make a Sorter MK.1 and click the belt of ore first and then your smelter. This will create a sorter arm, which will grab ore off the belt and put it into the smelter for you. 

Your mini-factory should now be up and running! You might notice that you’re already having power issues. So you might need to add up more wind turbines until you find a better power alternative.

For now, you can click your smelter and grab the processed plates, but soon you will be able to make storage containers and, of course, belt the smelted items to other factories. Remember smelting ore automatically is just the first step of your journey! From this point, you will want to start looking at building matrix labs and starting up proper tech research. Now go, expand and grow your production lines!

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