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How to get Soil in Dyson Sphere Program

Your factory is growing quickly. You’re solving problems left and right, but now you’re faced with a new one. You’re starting to run out of space! You decide to fill up a large body of water to get some more real estate, but the game tells you that you have no soil. Well, don’t stress. Here is how to get soil in Dyson Sphere Program. 

How to get Soil in Dyson Sphere Program

In Dyson Sphere Program, you will need soil anytime you are going to raise the ground’s elevation. Mainly this will be anytime that you decide to fill in a lake or any body of water. 

To perform any terrain manipulation, you will need to research Environment Modification. It will cost you just 400 Electromagnetic Matrix and will unlock the Foundation item.

And trust me when I say you will want A LOT of Foundations. So make a factory for it as soon as possible and always keep a storage container full of foundations. 

The foundations will let you raise and also lower the ground. Lowering hilly terrain will produce soil for you, while raising it will consume it. 

How to Change the Terrain to get Soil

To modify the terrain and start collecting soil, click Environment Modification on your toolbar or number 9 on your keyboard.

The toolbar will have four primary buttons and will also tell you how much soil you have on the right. The first button is your foundations; click it to lay them down. The second button gives you the ability to hide and then later raise resource nodes. The third option will put a concrete style decoration on the ground when you use a foundation, and the fourth option won’t. 

So let’s get some soil. You will be happy to find that nearly all-terrain has some soil you can salvage. Go to a location with trees, rocks, or just visible ground you haven’t flattened yet, and choose your foundation from the toolbar. 

You can increase your foundation size by hitting + and –  on your keyboard. When you hover over the foundation, you will see some blue tiles. Over them, it will say, “Will get X soil pile“. In our example, we are getting 4374 soil for clearing that land.

Now we can move our mouse over the water, and we can see that it says, “Will consume X soil pile.” Clicking will fill the water if you have collected enough soil pile.

You will also get a small amount of soil when building roads and other structures. But the best way is to go to an untouched area and clear it with tons of foundations. Terrain manipulation isn’t limited to your home planet as well. You can do it to other planets when you learn to travel to them.

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