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How to Travel to Other Planets in Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program Sail Planet

One of Dyson Sphere Program’s most gratifying aspects is that you’re not bound to just your home planet. This game is intergalactic! You have the ability to explore your solar system and galaxy to find new resources and expand your production lines. However, it’s not immediately obvious how you can jump from planet to planet. Let alone travel across the galaxy. Here is how to travel to other planets in Dyson Sphere Program.

How to Travel to other planets in Dyson Sphere Program

Your mech in Dyson sphere is a serious piece of hardware. You won’t need any ships to do some planet-hopping. With some research, you can fly to another planet yourself. In order to travel to other planets, you will need to research Drive Engine Lv2 using Matrix Lab resources.

Dyson Sphere Program Drive Engine Lv2

Drive Engine Lv2 unlocks the ability for your character to Mecha Sail. Unlocking Drive Engine Lv2 will require 

  • 200 Electromagnetic Matrix
  • 200 Energy Matrix

Of course, as a prerequisite, you will have had to research Drive Engine Lv1, which gives you the ability to fly. Drive Engine Lv1 will require:

  • 150 Coal
  • 60 Magnetic Coil

Once you have unlocked Drive Engine Lv2 you can use your flight ability to take off into the air. Hold the Space Bar to gain altitude, and then hold your forward key to enter sail mode and leave your current planet’s orbit. You can hit Tab to remove your mouse lock. Once you’re in orbit, locate your destination planet, and use shift to accelerate towards it. 

You should arrive on your next planet in no time. If you would like to see how long it will take you to fly to a planet, you can open up your star map by hitting and then hover over the planet. A tooltip will pop up and tell you what the “Reaching in” time is. This time will change depending on the planet’s orbit. Sometimes, they will be further away from you than others.

Dyson Sphere Reach Time

How to Travel Across the Galaxy

Of course, in Dyson Sphere, you aren’t limited to your solar system. You can travel to other stars as well. To travel to distant stars, you will need to unlock Drive Engine Lv4, giving you the Mech Warp ability. As well as Gravitational wave refraction

Drive Engine Lv4 will require:

  • 2000 Electromagnetic Matrix
  • 2000 Energy Matrix
  • 2000 Structure Matrix

Gravitational Wave Refraction will require:

  • 2000 Electromagnetic Matrix
  • 2000 Energy Matrix
  • 2000 Structure Matrix

You will also need to produce a Space Warper to jump between systems. Each jump will consume one Space Warper.

Space Travel Takes Fuel

Remember to fill your mech up with fuel before you leave for another planet or solar system. It’s a good idea to have extra fuel in your inventory as well. The faster you travel, the more fuel you will consume. Hydrogen and Energetic graphite are usually good enough to travel within the solar system, but you will want more dense energy sources to wrap between systems.

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