Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program Major Update – Patch Notes and Highlights

Youthcat Studio, the developers of Dyson Sphere Program have been hard at work over the last few months on the next major update of the game. Update adds some significant features and changes to the game. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights and patch notes. 

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Dyson Sphere Program Update Highlights

There are a ton of changes with the new update, but here are some of the features that stand out.

  • New Milky Way View – Showing all engineers as part of one galaxy. Each seed has its own place in the galaxy, and players with the highest power generation in that seed are displayed. The Milky Way view effectively acts as a leaderboard. 
  • Mass Construction Function – You can now click and drag a structure to duplicate it in a row. Mass construction is a significant time-saver that players previously had to install mods to do. Inserters are also copied with your structures. 
  • Free Line Assembly Line – Assembly lines now have a “free line” mode where they won’t snap to the grid any longer. 
  • Colored Foundations – You can now choose the color of the foundations.
  • New Planets – There are four new planet types. Dry Lack Planet, Scarlet Ice Lake PLanet, Hurricane Stone Forest Planet, Blossom Forest Planet

Plus tons more! Read on for the full patch notes.

Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes.


  • Milky Way View
  • “Free line” Assembly line construction mode
  • Mass Construction function
  • CPU Multi-threading system (performance boost)
  • New Advanced Smelter
  • New Background Music
  • New technology to increase the speed of warp
  • New logic to control warp speed
  • Four New Planets
  • New terrain generation algorithm for Scarlet Ice Lake Planet
  • Ice Shader for Scarlet Ice Lake Planet added
  • 9 Planting model for Blossom Forest Planet
  • Added Foundation color customization
  • New foundation texture
  • LOD1 and LOD2 rendering detail level to sorters
  • LOD1 rendering detail level to storage
  • Save/Load interface lets you browser local file of savedata


  • Underlying code framework fully updated.
  • Construction system logistic framework fully recoded
  • Optimized copy and paste building settings.
  • Narrowed the construction collision frame for the Ray Receiver


  • Assembling MK.II and MK.III working power increased
  • Satellite Substation standby power increased
  • EM-Rail Ejector working power increased 
  • Increased solar sail basic life (0.5h to 1.5h) at max life from upgrades (1h to 2.5h)
  • Ray Receiver basic power generation increased (5MW to 6MW)
  • Ray Receiver photon mode power generation multiple increased (5 to 8)
  • Ray Receiver warm-up time increased (15min to 20min)
  • Critical Photon Energy increased (750MJ to 1.2GJ)
  • Antimatter fuel rod’s energy decreased (7.5GJ to 7.2GJ)
  • Consume antimatter quantity decreased (10 to 6)
  • Artificial Star power generation decreased (75MW to 72 MW)
  • Adjusted calorific value for different fuels
  • Changed crude oil to a consuming resource. Wells will now slowly reduce in production over time until hitting 0.1/s
  • Crude Oil well production increased on starter planet


  • Fixed warper getting destroyed on Logistics Station dismantling
  • Fixed Graviton Lens getting destroyed on Logistics Stations dismantling
  • Adjusted miplevel algorithm for foundations and foundation rendering issues.

We are excited to play this new update. If you haven’t gotten a chance to dive into Dyson Sphere Program yet, grab a copy on Steam and enjoy!

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