How to Level Materia Fast in FF7 Remake

How to Level Materia Fast in FF7 Remake
How to Level Materia Fast in FF7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is here, and a lot of gameplay and combat mechanics have been entirely reworked. Just like in the original FF7, Materia can be equipped to give your party some spells, buffs, and perks.

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Selecting the appropriate moves and equipping the right Materia is essential. This guide takes an in-depth look at how you can level Materia fast in the FF7 Remake.

How Does Materia Work in FF7 Remake

There are five different types of Materia each with a different color.

  • Magic Materia – Allows you to cast spells.
  • Support Materia – Combined with other Materia to give it additional effects.
  • Command Materia – Gives you new abilities that do not require MP.
  • Complete Materia – Gives buffs and stat increases.
  • Summoning Materia – Allows you to summon huge beasts in battle.

You can level up Materia through earning AP in battle. Certain Materia has high AP requirements such as Revival Materia which requires 5,000 AP to level it up. One Materia, in particular, can help you with the leveling process.

How to Level Materia Fast in FF7 Remake

In Chapter 14, you will come across a Pedometer Materia on the ground near Aerith’s house. It is purple in color and will be hard to miss as you exit the area. This is one Materia you want to equip immediately, and we’ll explain why.

Pedometer is a unique Materia that levels up from walking around. After equipping it, walk 5,000 steps and it will transform into the AP Up Materia. Equip the new Materia in the connected Materia slot to double the AP gain of any other Materia.

There is another way to stack even more AP gain on Materia that will give you 6x AP gain. For this method, you will have had to beat the game first. After completing the game, head to the Chapter Selection screen and go back into the game for an automatic 3x AP gain in every battle. Using the 2x AP Up Materia and the 3x AP from beating the game, you’ll be able to level any Materia fast in FF7 Remake.

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