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How to Get the Gas Analyzer in Escape from Tarkov

An item to trade for Medical Kits and Weaponry

The Gas Analyzer is an item you need to find to find or craft in Escape from Tarkov. The Analyzer is a crucial item needed to complete questlines: Sanitary Standards (Part 1 & 2) and Network Provider (Part 1). With many updates in Escape from Tarkov, as seen with the majority of Multiplayer games. In Patch 0.13 the location of the Gas Analyzer is different to that of previous Patches. Meaning that the older guides on its location may be invaluable to those looking for the Gas Analyzer for the corresponding Quests. Therefore, this guide will show you the location of the Gas Analyzer as of its most recent update.

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Where to Find the Gas Analyzer


Depending on which Quest you are doing, the number of Analyzers you need varies. Therefore, the best route to obtaining them is to go to locations which have higher chances of spawning in. In this case, we recommend players go to Interchange. What you need to do here is a sweep of the IDEA Warehouse. You want to enter the Office first (found on the left side of the Warehouse upon entry) and check the desks for loot. The Gas Analyzer appears as a red color so it should be easily noticeable against the computer desks. Head into the backroom of the Office, its Storage area and check the shelves.

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Small Sectors

Move towards the main zone of the ULTRA Mall and you need to loot two areas of the Mall. Both sectors are found opposite sides of each other. You want to head left after exciting IDEA (the furniture store) and continue following the main passage through the Mall. The first sector to check is a Medical Sector, this has a blue banner and noticeable medical curtains and beds inside. The other sector is found opposite the Medical Sector which is a small Storage Space with a shutter door. You need to loot these in their entirety as a Gas Analyzer can spawn here on the shelving units.


The next Store to check inside is the GERMAN Electronics Store. Do a quick sweep of the floating shelves against the wall and check the room stands. Then head over to RASMUSSEN. Check behind the customer service desks and on the shelves inside the Store. After a sweep of RASMUSSEN, head over to TEXHO and once more, check all the shelves for a possible Gas Analyzer. As the spawns are randomized, you may not get anything in these Stores upon your first visit. Check the social spot opposite TEXHO. Specifically you need to look at the TV Stand on the left wall where a PS4 can be found.

Head up the escalators once you are done on this floor and go into TECHLIGHT. Continue your looting for the Gas Analyzer. This is the last store of the ULTRA Mall to check. If you still have not located the appropriate amount of Gas Analyzer, you can also check the Warehouse Sectors in the Mall in its entirety, checking every shelf that is inside the Centre.

Tips to Looting

Interchange is a common spot for enemies to also attempt to loot therefore upon visiting you will likely come face to face with enemies. Keep in mind that you will need to loot as quickly as you can in the areas mentioned above. Sweep the area, shut doors behind you and keep an ear out for footsteps or any sign of another flashlight being used. Once you have finished looting the ULTRA Mall in Interchange, head out to the Extraction Point. Alternatively, you can try Customs by looting the Storage Facilities and Offices. You will likely find Gas Analyzers in these two Escape from Tarkov Locations.

We hope this guide was useful on where to find the Gas Analyzer in Escape from Tarkov. Feel free to look at more of our guides for more help on item locations. Such as How to Get Iron Gate Key in Escape from Tarkov and Where to Find the Flare Gun in Escape from Tarkov. You can also follow us at Gamer Journalist’s Facebook for more gaming content, including Escape from Tarkov, Warzone 2.0 DMZ and Ready or Not.

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