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How to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time (AUT)

How to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time (AUT)

Planet Shaper is one of the many Stands available in A Universal Time (AUT), and it is one of the more challenging ones to acquire. This particular stand requires a lot of luck and patience, and it will likely take you many attempts to finally unlock it. This guide will explain how to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time (AUT), along with step-by-step instructions.

If you are new to the game, you can check out our guide on how to get a stand in AUT to help you get started.

How to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time (AUT)

To get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain Crystallized Stand from an Arrow
  2. Find a meteor in the mountains
  3. While Standless, use the meteor
  4. Summon your Crystallized Stand as soon as the meteor disappears

First, you need to get the Crystallized Stand, one of the default Stands available from common Arrows. You can open up chests or search through meteors to obtain the basic Arrows. Repeat this step until you obtain Crystallized. It is the blue-color summon, in case you’re not sure.

A Universal Time Crystallized Stand

Next, make your way over to the mountains where the meteors spawn into the map. Wait for a meteor to spawn, which usually happens every five to ten minutes. Make sure your Crystallized Stand is not summoned at this point.

Interact with the meteor, and as soon as the meteor disappears, re-summon your Crystallized Stand. It may take you several attempts because there is between a 1% and 2% chance of acquiring Planet Shaper. When you are successful in obtaining Planet Shaper, your character will respawn with it as the Stand. Press Q to summon the Planet Shaper Stand, and refer to the move list down below.

Some players report that it is also possible to obtain Planet Shaper through a regular Arrow, but the chance to do so is roughly 0.1%. Make of that what you will, but your odds are much higher by using the Meteor method.

Planet Shaper Controls and Abilities in AUT

Here are the controls for Planet Shaper in A Universal Time:

  • M1 – Punch, basic attack
  • E – Barrage
  • R – Strong Punch
  • Y – Unnamed Move
  • H – Ground Slam
  • F – Reality Shift
  • B – Blackhole Punch
  • T – Infuser
  • G – Spacetime Voidgate
  • V – Wing Slash

New moves will be coming soon, and we will update this section accordingly. At the moment, the move list above is the entire Planet Shaper kit.

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