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How to get Nocturnus in A Universal Time (AUT)

How to get Nocturnus in A Universal Time (AUT)

Nocturnus is one of the best Stands in A Universal Time, and it’s not too difficult to get as long as you have The World already unlocked. Even if you don’t, it won’t be too time-consuming to complete all the steps. This guide will show you how to get Nocturnus in A Universal Time (AUT) and provide a full breakdown of his moveset and controls.

You may want to complete some of these steps on a private server. There will be less competition for items, bosses, and you won’t get griefed while trying to complete the quests. Check out our guide to get a list of AUT private server codes if you need some help finding them.

How to get Nocturnus in A Universal Time (AUT)

To get Nocturnus in AUT, follow these steps:

  1. Speak with Dio in the Snowy Mountains area.
  2. Obtain and complete the Nocturnus Quest.
  3. Receive the Nocturnus Stand.

The first step to obtaining Dio in AUT is locating and speaking with Dio. You can find Dio at the very peak of the mountain in the snowy area. If you have trouble getting up there, use Crystallized Stand and use the Stand Jump move by pressing the “B” key. Speak with Dio, and choose the option, “I want to become stronger.” Dio will then give you the Nocturnus Quest. 


The Nocturnus Quest objectives are as follows:

  • Win 20 1v1 matches.
  • Time Skip 30 times using King Crimson.
  • Timestop 10 times using The World.
  • Kill Dio.
  • Take 2,000 damage.
  • Inflict 5,000 damage.

All of these are fairly easy, so long as you have King Crimson and The World stands. The first step is to win twenty 1v1 matches, so use whichever Stand you prefer, and get to work. It shouldn’t take you very long to win using The World or other powerful Stands.

Next, you’ll need to break out your King Crimson Stand. It is a common stand obtained through regular arrows from meteors or chests. You can Time Skip with King Crimson by pressing the “V” key on your keyboard. 

Obtaining The World is a bit tougher than getting the King Crimson Stand. We have an entire guide detailing how to get the World in AUT, but we can also break it down for you here. Basically, you’ll want to obtain Shadow Dio and then speak with Him in the forest. Complete the Shadow’s Demands quest and then drink the Blood of Joseph. Once you have The World, you can press the “F” key to Time Stop.

Next, you’ll need to head to the forest and takedown Dio. According to our AUT spawn rates, Dio spawns every 2100 seconds (35 minutes) in the Forest area. Don’t worry about dying, as it will most likely take you a few lives to defeat him. 

Finally, you need to inflict 5,000 damage and take 2,000 damage. At this point, you may already be done with these tasks. If you’re not, simply head to the park and start beating on some dummies. There’s an attacking NPC you can let hit you if you still need to take some damage.

Nocturnus Abilities, Moveset, and Controls in AUT

  • M1 – Regular Attack
  • E – Leash Slash
  • R – Gnash Slash
  • T – Flash Slash
  • F – Crash Slash
  • N – Voice line

A basic combo you can use is a couple of basic attacks into a Leash Slash. You can follow that up with a Flash Slash, and string together some more combos to make it deadlier. Practice using Nocturnus, and you’ll learn it’s a very powerful Stand with incredible combinations.

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