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A Universal Time (AUT) Item Spawn Rates and Locations

A Universal Time (AUT) Item Spawn Rates and Locations

There are tons of items and unique NPCs that spawn in the world of Roblox’s A Universal Time. If you are looking to obtain a specific item, Stand, or fight a specific boss, you’ll probably want to know when and where to find it. We have a complete list of all the A Universal Time (AUT) item spawn rates and locations that you can reference if you are looking for something.

Check our AUT Private Servers list if you are looking for specific items or trying to farm arrows from meteors and treasure chests. Competing against players in public servers is a slow process, and you’ll waste a lot of time doing it this way. Private servers have lower competition, and you don’t have to worry about people stealing your meteors or Alien Pods if one drops.

A Universal Time (AUT) Item Spawn Rates and Locations

Here are all of the item spawn rates and locations in AUT:

ItemSpawn TimeSpawn ChanceLocation
Alien Pod900 seconds30Mountains
Chest60 seconds60Everywhere
Bone1800 seconds9Treasure Chest, Sand Debris
Cursed Orb1800 seconds1Treasure Chest
DIO Boss2100 seconds100Forest
Dio’s Bone600 seconds9Sand Debris, Devil’s Palm
Dio’s Diary600 seconds9Treasure Chest
Dragon Ball1800 seconds80Treasure Chest
Eye of Saint’s Corpse120 seconds2Sand Debris, Devil’s Palm
Heart of Saint’s Corpse120 seconds4Sand Debris, Devil’s Palm
Johnny Joestar480 seconds60Devil’s Palm
Jotaro Kujo (Quest)600 seconds12Forest
Left Arm of Saint’s Corpse120 Seconds8Sand Debris, Devil’s Palm
Meteor60 seconds60Mountains
Mysterious Hat1200 seconds25Anywhere
Requiem Arrow600 seconds10Treasure Chest
Sand Debris120 seconds100Devil’s Palm
Tales of the Universe1800 seconds9Treasure Chest
xSoul1800 seconds25Treasure Chest
Yukaris Portal600 seconds18Anywhere

If you are confused about how to read the table, the spawn time is in seconds. A spawn rate of 600 seconds translates to 10 minutes. As for the spawn rate or spawn chance, it is out of 100. That means a 100 spawn chance is guaranteed to spawn at the time interval specified in the spawn time column.

Not every item is listed here, as some items from the old game have been removed entirely. Quest items are also unlisted since they are guaranteed to spawn after completing a quest chain.

We’ll be updating the list as AUT developers add more items to the game and release more content in future updates. For now, you can at least know the AUT item spawn rates, times, and locations for the essential things and bosses.

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