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A Universal Time Update Patch Notes

A Universal Time Update Patch Notes

The developers of Roblox’s popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-inspire game, A Universal Time, or AUT for short, have been busy pushing out the updates. Whether it’s new Stands or forms, there are always new things coming to AUT to keep the players busy. Keeping track of all the changes can be tough, especially with a jam-packed Discord like AUT. That’s why we have a running list of all the A Universal TIME (AUT) updates and patch notes, so you can easily see what’s updated or changed.

Find the full A Universal Time update log and patch notes down below. We will update this page for each major update, so feel free to bookmark the page if you find it useful! We’ll also be providing many guides for A Universal Time to help our readers out.

A Universal Time (AUT) September 6 Update Patch Notes

A Universal Time’s September 6 update adds a few new voice lines, and lots of balance changes to Tusk, Killua, and The World over Heaven. Players can now also earn U-Coins and Wins when the enemy leaves or disconnects. As always, there were also some minor bug fixes, as well.


  • You now earn U-Coins and Wins if somebody logs or leaves
  • Added 3 new quotes for Killua
  • New voiceline for Killua’s No mercy move
  • New voiceline for Killua’s Godmode enterance
  • Added new dash SFX for Killua’s R and F moves
  • Added new SFX for No mercy move and voiceline


  • Increased Tusk Act 4 Wormhole Barrage cooldown to 15 from 10
  • Tusk Act 4 Infinite rotation (Unrelenting Assault) shot no longer guard breaks, but instead bypasses through everything
  • Tusk Act 4 Rotational Guidance damage is now 9.25 from 8.25, abd multiplies by x5 between punches (Blockable)
  • Dark Determination cooldown is now 100 was 120 same as sptw awakening now
  • The World Over Heaven
    • Ground strike cooldown increased to 20 was 10 and damage buffed to 20
    • LMB combo no longer deals 10 per hit its now 8
    • Barrage damages 1.3 per hit now was 1.4 since length is high too
    • Barrage cooldown increased 6 was too low – Made Tusk’s m1s really fast now
  • Added a spawn cooldown for SPTW’s Awakening
  • King Crimson’s Donut now actually stuns properly sorry for not testing it before that was my fault
  • Killua
    • HP is now 400
    • Speed of lightning cannot be used during stun anymore, and increased cooldown sligtly
    • Snake Awakens damage is now 1.3 from 2.5
    • Thunderbolt CD is now 10 was 8 – Killua’s both modes cooldowns increased by 20 extra seconds
    • Endlag on F and R reduced and instant death damage slightly reduced
  • Timed Speed of lightning with an animation now


  • Speed of Lightning being broken in 1v1s fixed
  • Teleport moves should work properly now
  • Fixed Gojo Amplification
  • Fixed D4C’s Counter move endlag

A Universal Time (AUT) September 5 Update Patch Notes

The A Universal Time September 5 update is a big one, adding Killua NPC and Killua form to the game. There’s also a new move for SPTW and a new model for Pucci, as well as some updated 1v1 mechanics.


  • Added Killua
    • Killua NPC can be found in the beach
  • New move for SPTW “Y” Key (must be low HP to use it)
  • Added new model for Pucci
  • Updated 1v1s

Balance Changes

  • Nerfed Killing Doll damage slightly and increased the cooldown
  • Sakuta’s G move no longer guard breaks because it’s very fast and instant
  • Slightly nerfed Sakuta’s Triple Shot damage
  • Nerfed Gaster’s Saws and Stuns
  • Nerfed Gaster’s Stun and increased LMB cooldown to fix annoying combos


  • Tusk not being able to use Nail Shots in all acts is fixed
  • Unrelenting Assault is fixed
  • Fixed 1v1 breaking characters
  • Fixed Sans Bad Time being blocked mid-usage
  • Shadow Dio issue fixed
  • Collission bugs fixed
  • Fixed Gaster stuff
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