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How to get a Stand in A Universal Time

How to get a Stand in A Universal Time

Fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the popular Japanese manga, already know all about Stands and how they work. Stands allow a character to channel an inner power to gain powerful skills and become stronger. The new JoJo-inspired Roblox game, A Universal Time, or AUT for short, utilizes the same concept. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of how to get a Stand in A Universal Time.

Stands are important in A Universal Time because you’ll be doing little to no damage without them. The abilities that come with them are necessary when fighting other players or completing quests. When a player acquires a Stand, they can summon it by pressing Q, and it will fight alongside you and give you access to an arsenal of powerful moves.

How to get a Stand in A Universal Time

To get a Stand in A Universal Time, players can purchase them from the shop for 1,500 UC, find them in chests, or find them in fallen meteors. Meteors randomly fall from the sky in the beach and mountain areas of the map every five to ten minutes. When you see a fallen meteor, you can search through it to obtain an Arrow.

How to get a Stand in A Universal Time - Fallen Meteor

When you get an Arrow, it will show up in your action bar. Press the corresponding number to pull out the Arrow, and then left-click to use it. After using the Arrow, you will obtain a random basic Stand. These are the lowest tier Stands one can acquire, but you can level them up through various quests. 

The Stands you can gain from the Arrow include:

  • Star Platinum
  • Killer Queen
  • Gold Experience
  • Crystalized
  • Nuclear Star
  • Shadow DIO
  • King Crimson
  • Whitesnake

Players can also trade Stands with other players, but you’ll need to offer something of equal value in exchange. There’s a chance you find someone generous enough to give you a low-quality stand for free, but don’t count on it.

Overall, the easiest way to get Stands is by searching through fallen meteors and chests while in a private server. Public servers tend to have a ton of competition because the map is small. In a private server, you will be able to find plenty of Arrows, Requiem Arrows, and get all the Stands you could ever need.

How to change your Stand

You can either reset your Stand or put your current Stand in Ability Storage to get a new one. To store your Stand, go into the park, and look for the Ability Storage NPC leaning against a tree. To completely get rid of your Stand, look for the Ability Resetter NPC standing next to the bus stop.

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