In Cyberpunk 2077, any proper netrunner has to be loaded up with RAM. RAM is used to perform quickhacks. The more RAM you have, the more quickhacks you can perform per fight. Different quickhacks also cost different amounts of RAM, with the best quickhacks hosting over ten RAM to execute. Here is how to get more RAM in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to get more RAM in Cyberpunk 2077

The most straightforward way to get more RAM is by putting points into the Intelligence attribute. This is the primary attribute you will want to sink your points into if you are doing a netrunner build. Putting a point into intelligence will increase your RAM capacity by 4%, plus other benefits.

The next way to get more RAM is to upgrade your Cyberdeck. The Cyberdeck is the operating system slot of your Cyberware. One of the main attributes of the Cyberdeck is its amount of Base RAM. The higher quality of your Cyberdeck, the more RAM you will have to perform quickhacks. 

You can get a nice Epic Cyberdeck from Vik, the first Ripperdoc you meet. He has a Stephenson Tech Mk.3 for $25000. Check out how to make some money in Cyberpunk if you’re short on Eddies. 

Besides just increasing your Base RAM, the Cyberdeck will also increase your Buffersize, allowing you to do Breach Protocol hacks easier and also increase the number of quickhacks you can equip. You can find Viktor at Little China – Watson, next to the Bradbury & Baron fast travel point. 

Also, don’t forget to put points into Quickhacking perks. There are multiple perks in the Quickhacking tree that will reduce the amount of RAM required to perform Quickhacks, as well as help recover RAM faster. One example is Weak Link.

Cyberpunk 2077 Quickhack Perks

That’s all there is to it. Now you know how to get more RAM in Cyberpunk 2077. Happy netrunning!