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Where to Find the Best Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077

Where to Find the Best Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077

Are you looking to deck V out in some legendary Cyberware? Rather than pay a visit to all of the ripperdocs around Night City, we went ahead and did the hard work for you. There are unique options at each location, so there’s a lot to sort through. Some of the Cyberware is incredibly powerful, and that’s what we’ll be concentrating on in this guide. Here’s where to find the best Cyberware options in Cyberpunk 2077.

Vendors usually sell random loot that varies from game to game. However, this is not the case with ripper doctors and Cyberware. Ripperdocs tend to have more or less the same inventory each time you visit. These items cost many eddies, so make sure to check out our guide on how to make money if you are running low.

Where to find the best Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077

There are five ripperdocs in Night City, and they all sell some different Legendary Cyberware. You can find a complete list of all the best Cyberware broken out by ripperdoc down below.

Santo Domingo Ripperdoc

The Santo Domingo ripperdoc has a lot of arm cyberware available, including the Manti Blades and Gorilla Arms. Here’s the epic cyberwar he has for sale:

  • Arms
    • Monowire for €$25,450
    • Mantis Blades for €$25,350
    • Gorilla Arms for €$25,250
    • Projectile Launch System for €$25,450
  • Nervous System
    • Neo Fiber for €$7,000
    • Kerenzikov for €$35,000
  • Operating Systems
    • Zetatech Berserk MK.4 for €$35,000
Santo Domingo Ripperdoc Cyberpunk 2077 Epic Arms
Santo Domingo Ripperdoc Cyberpunk 2077 Legendary Nervous System and Operating System

Badlands Ripperdoc

The Badlands ripperdoc has a few of the best Circulatory System Cyberware options in Cyberpunk 2077. Each time you visit, you’ll probably see these three for sale:

  • Blood Pump for €$35,000 (Requires 16 Body) – Activate to instantly restore 90% of max Health. Cooldown 180 seconds.
  • Biomonitor for €$42,000 (Requires 18 Body) – Instantly restores 100% Health when Health drops to 15%. Cooldown 120 seconds.
  • Bioconductor for €$14,000 (Requires 18 Body) – Reduces all cyberwar cooldowns by 30%.

City Center Ripperdoc

The ripperdoc in City Center has the most legendaries out of all the ripperdocs. You can find the legendary version of all the arm Cyberware the Santo Domingo doc offers, along with some OS, Immune System, and Circulatory System options. These are endgame Cyberware items and require lots of Street Cred to pick up. Here are some of the best pieces for sale:

  • Arms
    • Monowire for €$100,450
    • Mantis Blades for €$100,350
    • Gorilla Arms for €$100,250
    • Projectile Launch System for €$100,450
  • Operating Systems
    • Qiant “Warp Dancer” Sandevistan MK.5 for €$43,750
    • Arasaka MK.4 for €$35,000
  • Immune System
    • Shock-n-Awe for €$7,000
  • Circulatory System
    • Bioplastic Blood Vessels for €$14,000
City Center Ripperdoc Legendary Arms Cyberpunk 2077

Heywood Ripperdoc

Another one of the best ripperdocs is found in the Heywood district of Night City. He also has the legendary arms for sale, along with a few Operating Systems and Circulatory System pieces. The Second Heart Circulatory System is basically another life, so it’s a must-have. Here’s his inventory:

  • Arms
    • Monowire for €$100,450
    • Mantis Blades for €$100,350
    • Gorilla Arms for €$100,250
    • Projectile Launch System for €$100,450
  • Operating Systems
    • Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan MK.5 for €$43,750
    • NetWatch NetDriver MK.5 for €$43,750
  • Circulatory System
    • Syn-Lungs for €$7,000
    • Second Heart for €$42,000
Heywood Ripperdoc Legendary Cyberware Operating Systems Cyberpunk 2077
Heywood Ripperdoc Legendary Cyberware Circulatory Systems Cyberpunk 2077

Watson Ripperdoc

The final Ripperdoc sells the best Cyberware for the Frontal Cortex slot. You can find him on the west side of Watson. He has the most limited selection, but the Heal-on-Kill Cyberware is extremely powerful, as it regenerates health as you eliminate enemies. Here’s what he has for sale:

  • Frontal Cortex
    • Heal-on-Kill for €$42,000
    • Mechatronic Core for €$21,000
Watson Ripperdoc Best Frontal Cortex Legendary Cyberware Cyberpunk 2077
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