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Cyberpunk 2077 Classes: Netrunner, Techie, and Solo

Cyberpunk 2077 Classes

Cyberpunk 2077 classes are an important choice you make during your experience. Understanding each of the classes will help you decide which one best fits your play style and how you want to play the game.

There are three primary classes you can pick from in Cyberpunk 2077, including netrunner, techie, and solo. Each has its specialties, though players are not necessarily stuck with their decision. Your choice determines some character strengths and weaknesses towards the start of the game.

As you progress, you can choose to level up specific abilities and mix elements from the different classes so that you do not have to play a particular way. For example, you may choose to start as a solo specialist but specialize in hacking down the line.

Cyberpunk 2077 Classes

The three Cyberpunk 2077 classes are:

  • Netrunner
  • Techie
  • Solo


The netrunner class specializes in hacking, programming, cybersecurity, and gathering sensitive information on targets. From our glimpse during the trailer, Netrunners appear to be stealth-oriented characters. However, in a game centered around cybertechnology, hackers will be at the forefront of the action.


Techies are futuristic engineers capable of crafting sophisticated cyber technology for their clients. They can build and repair technology, and modify existing tech to provide custom features–a skillset essential in Night City. If you want to develop custom weapons and high-tech cybersecurity systems, the techie class is an appealing choice. 


The mercenary class of Cyberpunk 2077 is known as solo. These are contract hitmen for corporations, gangs, and anyone who has some cash and a dirty job that needs doing. This fighter class excels in athletics, stealth, and perception. Their Combat Sense ability allows them to see traps, nearby enemies, and other dangers of Night City. Solo is an excellent choice for anyone looking to go in with guns blazing. 

These three classes are a bit different than the traditional RPG setup. Cyberpunk 2077 is based on the same universe as the tabletop role-playing game, and some fans may be wondering about the other classes.

Players can expect to run into other classes like Nomads, Rockerboys, and Hackers throughout Night City. Cyberpunk 2077 gangs enlist members of different backgrounds who may specialize in different things, as well. Depending on your class choice, you may be spending time in specific districts around Cyberpunk 2077 map.

These are all the Cyberpunk 2077 you can expect to choose from in your playthrough. The techie, solo, and netrunner encompass all three major playstyles depending on how you want to build your character.

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