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How To Unlock The Odin Summon In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The All-Father is all-powerful.

Summons are among the most powerful weapons in any Final Fantasy game, and Crisis Core Final Fantasy Reunion is no exception. Many fan-favorite summons appear in this game, including Ifrit, Bahamut, and Odin. You’ll unlock the first two simply by playing through the story, but Odin is an optional Digital Mind Wave image that’s surprisingly easy to miss.

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How To Unlock Odin

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To unlock Odin, you’ll need to complete the optional Mission M8-1-6: Mystery Materia. You’ll unlock this mission fairly early in the game, but if you’re not taking the time to play through these side missions you might miss out. Odin is also unique in that he’s the only summon in the game you unlock without fighting. Both Ifrit and Bahamut serve as bosses before you can add them to your DMW.

The mission is a straightforward elimination mission that pits you against several random encounters before taking on a unique enemy known as Hungry. This monster exclusively attacks with close-quarter, physical attacks, and it telegraphs these moves pretty clearly. Time your dodge rolls correctly to stay out of range, then close for some critical strikes to the back.

Once you’ve defeated Hungry, you’ll complete the mission and automatically unlock Odin’s summon materia. This adds his image to the DMW system that randomly alters the state of every battle. As with other summons, rolling Odin also grants a sizable amount of Solider Points or SP.

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an armored figure with a cape sitting on the back of a white horse. the horse is rearing on its hind legs as the figure lifts a flaming spear overhead. behind them is a large, full moon
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Odin’s signature move is Zantetsuken, a devastating samurai strike that can eliminate entire groups of enemies in a single move. Because of the DMW’s random nature, you won’t be able to activate Odin on command but having his image available adds a powerful move to your repertoire. It’s worth noting that some enemies (namely bosses) are immune to Zantetsuken’s effects, so it does have its downsides.

Summoning is also useful because of the Limit Break it applies to the rest of your stats. If you’re lucky enough to roll a summon, your HP, MP, and AP will all break past their maximum limits. The extra points won’t stick around forever, so feel free to go wild with your most powerful spells and attacks.

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