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How to Get A Mount – Final Fantasy 14 Guide

Mount? That is my best friend.

Since the day of Epona and Link, I have always been grateful for games including some sort of mount friend, that will accompany you throughout your adventure. Growing alongside you, it will be witness of epic battles and sometimes be the salvation of yours, just like Brego did with Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings (the movies, the horse didn’t exist in the books). Anyway, if you wish to travel the land of Eorzea in style and, quite honestly, faster, then continue reading to know how to get a mount in Final Fantasy 14.

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How to Get A Mount

Final Fantasy 14 is a big game, with a big map. So, obviously, the developers thought of the wonderful idea of granting the player the ability to use mounts in order to travel a bit faster across the land. See? Accessibility and good sense of what the player needs and not punishing him with unfair gameplay mechanics is what makes a game remarkable, or at least decent. Anyway, follow the below steps to learn how to get a mount in Final Fantasy 14.

  • The first step towards acquiring a mount is to join a Grand Company. You will do this naturally during the “A Hero in the Making” quest, and while your choice will implicate several other things in the future, one thing is for certain: it will unlock the way for you to get a mount.
  • Finish the following quests:
    • “The Company you Keep”
    • “For Coin and Country”, “Till Sea Swallows All” or “Wood’s Will be Done”. These depend on what Grand Company you chose to join.
  • You will then receive the following meesage “Pray return to the Walking Sands”. Instead, pay a visit to your Grand Company’s resident commander. He will have the following quest available for you: “My Little Chocobo”. Oh yeah, it is time.
  • You will be quested with purchasing a Chocobo Issuance and handing it to the stablemaster. It will cost you 200 Grand Company Seals, so prepare yourself for some Duty Finder action in order to get to that amount.
  • Head back to your QC Quartermaster and purchase the Chocobo Issuance. Next, head to the nearest Chocobokeep.
  • Talk to the stablemaster and you will get your first mount. Name it and follow the tutorial to know how to use your Chocobo and you will be good to go.

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Chocobo will not be just a standard mount, overtime, it will become your best friend in the whole wide world. So you better take good care of your Chocobo, you hear me? Otherwise, I will have to report you to the respective authorities. Anyway, congrats on the mount and good luck not falling over.

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