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Final Fantasy 14 – How to Dye Armor

Final Fantasy 14 – how to dye armor

While there are only so many pieces of armor to wear in an MMORPG like Final Fantasy 14, you can add more of a personal touch to them with some dyeing. Not only can you customize the colors of your gear to your liking, you can also do a bit of color coordinating when the pieces of your set clash horrendously with each other. Here’s how to dye armor in Final Fantasy 14.

How to Dye Armor in Final Fantasy 14

  1. Complete the “Color Your World” quest

  2. Collect your Dye rewards from Swyrgeim

  3. Open up the Actions & Traits menu

  4. Click on the Dye icon

  5. Select the item, dye color, and dye you’d like to use

  6. Press the Dye button

Before you can start dyeing stuff, you’ll need to complete a quick quest, titled “Color Your World.” There’s an NPC named Swyrgeim located in Vesper Bay in the Western Thanalan zone. Swyrgeim is a dye merchant by trade, and the absolute travesty that is your outfit spurs her to teach you about altering the colors of your gear.

However, she’s absolutely parched at the moment, and requests a bottle of orange juice. There’s a merchant behind Swyrgeim and to the right selling bottles of orange juice for 7 gil a pop, so grab her one and bring it back (don’t expect her to pay you back, by the way). With her thirst quenched, Swyrgeim will give you the low-down on dyeing.

Upon the completion of Swyrgeim’s quest, she’ll reward you with 3 bottles of Rose Pink Dye, 3 bottles of Bone White Dye, and 3 bottles of Ice Blue Dye. To use these, pull up the Actions & Traits menu and click on the Dye icon. Select the armor piece you want to dye, select the color you want, and select the dye you want to use from your inventory. Press the Dye button, and voila, instant coloration.

You can buy more dyes from dye vendors like Swyrgeim, as well as craft them yourself from certain materials. You can dye and re-dye armor as much as you want as long as you have the dye available for it. If you want to revert the armor to its un-dyed state, you can purchase a bottle of Terebinth from a dye merchant to wash it out.

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