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How to Find Tank Battery in Escape from Tarkov

Low odds in a competitive field, can you find the Tank Battery?

Looking for the 6-STEN-140-M? Or more appropriately named as the Tank Battery. This guide will show you where you can locate the Tank Battery in Escape from Tarkov. Unlike other Raid and Customs Items, the Tank Battery cannot be crafted through the use of common looted items found in exploration. Instead the Battery will appear in specific spawn spots in Tarkov Locations. However, the loot in this game is randomized. Therefore, it make take you a while until you actually obtain the Tank Battery in Escape from Tarkov.

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Where to Find the Tank Battery

The Battery can be found as random loot on the floor. Look out for its medium-size and simple box appearance. Players can look inside specific storage objects. Such as Duffle Sport Bags, Ground Caches and Supply Crates. This Battery can also loot this item off dead enemies (Scavs) inside their lootable containers. Although its chance of spawning is 0.9%. Your highest odds of locating the battery is inside the Supply Crates, with a 9.5% chance.

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These are the known locations of the Tank Battery spawning in as a lootable item outside of a Loot Container. Therefore these are the areas you need to focus on and explore in your search for the Battery.

6-STEN-140-M Tank Battery Locations

  • In the Garage of the Southern Villa located on the Mountain of the Lighthouse (Location).
  • Within the first Rogue Camp Building inside Lighthouse (Location).
  • At the last Tent of the Rogue Camp of Lighthouse (Location).
  • Found near Tanks inside the Reserve (Location).
  • Inside White Knight Repair Shop of the Reserve (Location).
  • Found in Reserve (Location) Rooms: RB-ST, RB-GN, RB-MP21, RB-MP22, RB-MP12 & RB-MP13
  • Shelving Unit beside locked Food Warehouses in Reserve (Location).
  • Floor loot of ‘Scav Lands’ Extraction Point in Reserve (Location).

Check atop crates, shelving units and on the floor as the Tank Battery will likely appear there. Although its spawn is rare and random, keep checking the Locations listed above for the Battery. Check these Locations for the item spawning in on its own and not inside a Loot Container. Remember however that although the odds are low, you can find the Battery in Duffle Sport Bags, Ground Caches, Supply Crates and on dead Scavs. The Tank Battery can be used for trade with Peacekeeper (Loyalty Level 2) and Mechanic (Loyalty Level 4). Getting you a BETA Secured Container and TerraGroup Labs Keycard.

We hope this guide helped you in finding the Tank Battery in Escape from Tarkov. Feel free to look at more of our Escape from Tarkov guides. Such as How to Get Iron Gate Key in Escape from Tarkov and How to Get SICC Case in Escape from Tarkov. You can also follow us at Gamer Journalist on Facebook for all the latest gaming content, plus guides/walkthroughs on FPS games such as Warzone 2.0 DMZ, Ready or Not and so much more.

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