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How to find and evolve Porygon in Pokemon Sword & Shield

How to find and evolve Porygon in Pokemon Sword & Shield

The new DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield is here, and it’s called the Isle of Armor. In this guide, we will show you how to find Porygon in Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor expansion. We will take a look at how you can evolve him, as well.

How to find Porygon in Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor

First, you will need to complete the Isle of Armor story and upgrade your Kubfu into Urshifu. After you unlock the Gigantamax form for your Urshifu, you can head back to the Dojo and walk over to the right. You will find a Porygon just hanging out in the room. Interact with Porygon, Hyde will ask you if you like it, and then he will give you the Porygon. That’s all you need to do, so it’s quite easy to get a Porygon.

When you first get the Porygon, it’s going to be at Level 25. It will have the Analytics ability, as well as Magnet Rise, Thunder Shock, Psybeam, and Conversions 2 skills. Porygon is a quiet Pokemon by nature, and you already know you first found him at the Master Dojo.

How to Evolve Porygon in Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor

Now, evolving Porygon is a little more complicated, but it’s still pretty simple overall. It is a Trade Evolution so you will need a friend to complete this easily. First, fly over to the Training Lowlands and walk over past the Grassy Area on the left. You will find an Upgrade on the ground, which is “a transparent device somehow filled with all sorts of data.” Refer to the image here if you can’t find it.

Next, we need to find the Dubious Disc. Fly back to the train station area and head towards the water. You will see a whale in the water, and you can find the item behind the Wailord on a small island. Again, you can look at the image below if you’re lost. 

After picking up the Dubious Disc, open up your Pokemon menu, go to Porygon, and Select Held Item. Give the Porygon the “Upgrade” item first. Now, you will want to trade your Porygon that is holding the Upgrade to a friend to evolve it into Porygon2. Try and find someone who also wants to upgrade their Porygon, and you can upgrade them both because Porygon is a Trade Evolution.

Now, you will have someone else’s Porygon2, and you can equip the Dubious Disc on it and trade it back to the other person. When you trade it back, it will say “Returning Porygon2 to Player” so you know. As long as the other player did the same thing with the Dubious Disc, your new Porygon2 will evolve once again into Porygon-Z.

How to evolve Porygon in Pokemon Sword & Shield

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