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How to Earn Primogems in Genshin Impact Melody of Dreamlike Wanderings Event

It's always a good time for Genshin music.
genshin impact melody of dreamlike wanderings
Image via HoYoverse

The developers of Genshin Impact are rightfully proud of every aspect of the game, from its characters to its art to its gameplay to its music. In the case of that last one, the devs would love for you to listen to some of that music and tell them which song you like best. Do them that favor, and there might be a little something in it for you. Here’s how to earn Primogems in Genshin Impact‘s Melody of Dreamlike Wanderings event.

How to Earn Primogems in Genshin Impact Melody of Dreamlike Wanderings Event

As part of the celebration of Genshin Impact’s second anniversary, HoYoverse is running the Melody of Dreamlike Wanderings event from September 21st to September 27th. During this time, they’re hosting a compilation video of some of the best tracks from Genshin Impact’s soundtrack. Those who watch this video and comment what their favorite song is will be given 40 Primogems, no strings attached.

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Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Visit the official event page on the HoYoLAB forums.
  2. Watch the 2nd Anniversary Music Review video at the top of the page. Don’t worry, it’s only two and a half minutes long.
  3. After you watch the video, use the comment box underneath to post the name of your favorite song. The names of the songs are displayed as they play in the video if you need a reminder.
    • A HoYoLAB account is required to post a comment, so make sure to either log in to your account or make an account beforehand.

All users who post a comment with a proper song title will receive a voucher code for 40 Primogems in their HoYoLAB messages within 7 days of posting. This code can be redeemed for Primogems either on your HoYoverse account page or in-game in Genshin Impact.

The Rules

genshin impact stop motion
Image via HoYoverse

There are a few extra rules to this event you should be aware of:

  • You can post as many comments on the event page as you like, but you can only receive one Primogem voucher code.
  • A lot of users will be receiving Primogems, so HoYoLAB won’t be releasing a list of winners. Make sure to keep an eye on your messages for your code.
  • Codes are only valid from September 29th to October 9th. If you don’t redeem your code before October 9th, it’ll expire.

So head on over to the event page, and give those tracks a listen! Hey, even if you weren’t getting free Primogems, you can’t go wrong with a Genshin listening session.

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