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How to Defeat Wasp Queen in Grounded

Down with the monarchy!
Wasp Queen in Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

Grounded is a brutal survival game about being shrunk down to the size of an ant. Thriving alongside hordes of insects and nature itself is a lot harder when you’re 100x smaller; not many players are up to the task, but if you think you’ve got what it takes, then just check out Grounded in your e-shop today!

Grounded just got a brand new boss, and she’s nothing to mess around with! The Wasp Queen in Grounded is easily one of the deadliest bosses in the game. If you need help taking down this deadly monarch, then just keep reading for a full guide on how to defeat the dreaded Wasp Queen in Grounded!

How to Defeat the Wasp Queen in Grounded

The Wasp Queen is arguably one of the strongest bosses in the game. If you’re not careful, this monarch could shred you to pieces the second you invade her domain!

What makes this boss so deadly is her unpredictability. This flying menace attacks frequently and dodges often, it’s almost impossible to predict her movements. Despite this, however, there are still a few ways that players can easily take her down:

  • Prior to rushing into battle, be sure to Peep at her to get as much information on her as possible.
  • The Wasp Queen’s main weakness is Salt. Use the Salt Morning Star or the Black Ox Crossbow with Salt Arrows to make sure your hits are doing as much damage as possible.
    • You can also use weapons that give the “poison” effect, which will drain the boss’s health over time, even if she’s not being actively attacked.
  • Be sure to apply the Mithridatism Mutation prior to attacking her. She deals a lot of poison damage, so you’ll need as much Poison Resistance as you can get.
  • Stock up on meals, smoothies, and other health-regenerating items.
  • Bring friends! It’s easier to get hits on the Wasp Queen if her attention is being diverted between multiple players.
  • Take your time. The Wasp Queen isn’t the type of boss that you can easily rush.

If you practice every entry on this list, then you should be able to effortlessly take down the Wasp Queen in Grounded!

The most important things to remember prior to battling the Wasp Queen are: stock up on healing items, use salt weapons, utilize poison resistance, and take your time.

What Does the Wasp Queen Drop?

Once defeated, most bosses in Grounded will drop items; the Wasp Queen is no exception to this rule. Upon her death, the Wasp Queen will drop these items:

  • Wasp Queen Chunks (5 – 8)
  • Wasp Queen Head (1)
  • Wasp Queen Wings (2)
  • Wasp Queen Trinket (0 – 1)
    • The Wasp Queen Trinket is an extremely rare drop.
    • If equipped, the Wasp Queen Trinket gives a 25% chance for all bows/crossbows to not use up an arrow shot.
Wasps in Grounded
Screenshot via Obsidian Entertainment

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Is Defeating the Wasp Queen in Grounded Mandatory?

The Wasp Queen provides a lot of resources when defeated, and is definitely worth the effort of taking down. If you don’t have any uses for her body parts or the Wasp Queen Trinket, however, then don’t worry; the Wasp Queen is an optional boss in Grounded, meaning you don’t have the fight her if you don’t want to.

Just because defeating the Wasp Queen is optional doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it, however! As previously mentioned, this boss drops some crazy good loot, and it even has a small chance of dropping one of the best Trinkets in the game (the Wasp Queen Trinket).

If you’re in the market for some good loot in Grounded, then fighting the Wasp Queen should definitely be on your agenda, but if you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it!

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