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Grounded Smoothie Recipes from the Smoothie Station

Smoothies are one of the keys to survival in Obsidian Entertainment’s new Grounded game. One of the various things you can craft in the game is a Smoothie Station. From there, you can craft some useful Smoothies to grant you some health and other benefits. In this guide, we compiled a list of all the Grounded Smoothie recipes from the Smoothie Station. 

How to craft a Smoothie Station

The recipe to make Smoothie Stations unlocks after analyzing Acorn Tops or Grub Goop. Acorn Tops are found from Oak Trees, whereas Grub Goop comes from Grubs. To craft a Smoothie Station, you will need the following materials:

  • Acorn Top x1
  • Grub Hide x5
  • Sprig x4

Aside from the Smoothie Station, some other useful Meal Prep devices include the Roasting Spit, Mushroom Garden, Jerky Rack, and Dew Collector. Make sure to experiment with all the resources you find to discover new recipes and items.

Smoothie Recipes in Grounded

Here’s a list of all the Smoothie Recipes discovered in Grounded so far:

  • Fuzz on the Rocks: mite fuzz, quartz, pebble
    • Replenishes thirst, health, and max health
  • Boost Juice: aphid, acorn bits, mushroom
    • Replenishes food bar, heals, boosts max stamina
  • Green Machine: plant fiber, sprig, cloverleaf
    • Hyperstamina, health, thirst
  • Gastro Goo: honey, gas sack, fungal growth
    • Provides toxin defense, heals you, replenishes thirst
  • Hedge Lord: berry chunks
    • Lowers rate of hunger and thirst, heals
  • Liquid Gills: plant fiber, cloverleaf, eelgrass strands
    • underwater buffs
  • Liquid Rage: ant mandible, spider fang, larvae spike
    • Replenishes food, heals you, grants extra attack damage

You can place any three items inside the Smoothie Station. It’s all about mixing things to see if you can discover some new recipes. Each item will have different effects on your character.

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