How to Easily Kill a Black Widow in Grounded?

Make this widow join her husband.
Wasps in Grounded
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In Grounded, there are many dangerous enemies whose goal is to give you a very unpleasant end of life. One of the scariest end-game bosses in Grounded is The Black Widow. She’s a formidable opponent with more health than other bugs. She also deals extremely heavy damage, and one wrong move means game over.

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How to Defeat Black Widow in Grounded?

To defeat a Black Widow, you need some functional strategies and exceptional equipment. She’s a very powerful creature with extreme damage output. Now, how do you defeat a nearly invincible creature like that? Well, they are weak to Infection Damage, Explosive Damage, and Sour. Also, get yourself Asian Ladybug’s Shield and Woodlouse Armor, and kill Widowlings first.

Black Widow Weaknesses

Despite being so quick, strong, and resistant to most of the damage, Black Widows are not invincible. On the contrary, they have some very exploitable weaknesses you can use against them.

Infection Damage

Black widows are not immune to the effects of Infection Damage. This indicates that harming them with a Rusty Spear might be helpful. Rusty Spear deals damage to Black Widows in stacks. Because of that, they won’t be able to inflict a great deal of damage. It can be paired with a javelineer, shields, and Fire Ant Armor.


The poison attack of a Black Widow inflicts damage gradually and stacks. Consequently, you will sustain more damage the longer you allow it to build. You should have the Asian Ladybug’s shield with you to avoid this. Woodlouse Armor also shields you from severe damage.


Black Widows are feeble against sour. Therefore, with the sour boost, you can wield weapons like a Sour Battle-axe or a Toenail Scimitar. You can also utilize the Lady Bug Armor and Shield in addition.


Widowlings are sometimes spawned, and they assault players. The Widowlings are what give Black Widows buffs when they eaten. Black Widowlings are to be eliminated as soon as they spawn to stop a Black Widow from growing stronger.

Explosive Damage

Black Widows are sensitive to Explosive Damage, so you can attack them with bombs. Bomb Arrows and Splatbursts have extremely high damage outputs against them. If you bring 100 arrows with you, you can kill a Black Widow with ease.

There are some tips about how to defeat dangerous Black Widows. For more related content, you can try out our articles about How to Defeat Wasp Queen in Grounded or Where Is Hedge Lab in Grounded.

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