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All Lab Locations in Grounded: Oak, Hedge, and Haze Labs

Labs are a great way to learn the lore of the game and uncover new tools and quests
Grounded Base Building Recipes Guide
Grounded Base Building Recipes Guide

Grounded is a survival game filled with unique and interesting locations to discover. Some of the points of interest in the game include labs spread out across the map. That being said, while a couple of the labs are pretty easy to find, uncovering all of them can take some time, especially if you don’t already know where to look.

To help you get started, here are all of the lab locations in Grounded.

All Lab Locations in Grounded: Oak, Hedge, and Haze Labs

Oak Lab Location

In Grounded, the Oak Lab is probably the easiest lab to find as players are required to locate it through the main storyline. In the Mystery Machine quest, players are tasked with investigating the oak tree where an explosion took place.

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Once there, a trail of purple smoke will lead you to a door hidden behind a leaf, this is where the Oak Lab is. Inside of the lab you will find a BURG.L report that you can trade in your Raw Science for daily quests. As well as some lore surrounding the circumstances of your shrunken size.

Hedge Lab Location

Next up is the Hedge Lab, which is hidden in the hedges on the east side of the house. Keep in mind that you will need to overcome some obstacles to reach the hedge. Once you’ve reached the analysis station, this is a good indication that the lab is nearby.

Players will encounter multiple locked doors that can’t be used, however, if you climb up the hedge trunk nearby, you can get to a branch that will lead you to the lab. Eventually, there will be a square platform to jump off onto a branch below. This branch will lead to a broken wall in the side of the lab, but the door will be locked.

To reach the Hedge Lab in Grounded, you will need to navigate more branches to reach another section of the lab. There will be a part in the wall that you can jump to, and here is where you will enter the lab. Inside of the lab you can pick up a Resource Analyzer and learn more about the the main story. There’s also a lever in the lab that can be pulled, but it’s unknown what effect it has on the game.

Haze Lab Location

Lastly, there’s the Haze Lab, which is to the left of the rake in the garden, next to the tank of weed killer and garden light. To avoid taking damage in this area, players will first need to craft a gas mask using one weevil nose, four gnat fuzz, two woven fiber, and one stinkbug feeler.

Currently, this base cannot actually be entered without using a glitch and is mostly just for show, at least for now. To this point, no one has discovered a way to enter it legitimately but there are audio files inside. It might become accessible in later updates, but no information has been given at this time.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the lab locations in Grounded. If you’re interested in more Grounded content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find loads of helpful information like how to repair weapons and tools in Grounded.

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