Best Mods for Grounded: Double Damage, Cheats, Ghost Mode and More

Unleash miniature modded mayhem!
Fighting a Bug in Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

Embark on a journey of miniature proportions as we delve into the fascinating world of Grounded, the captivating survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment! Set against the backdrop of a backyard teeming with danger and discovery, Grounded invites players to navigate the challenges of a shrunken existence amidst towering grass blades and menacing insects.

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While the base game offers an enthralling experience, the true magic lies in the vibrant and innovative modding community that has breathed new life into this tiny universe. There are hundreds of mods available for Grounded, each contributing a unique twist to the gameplay. Join us as we unlock the miniature mayhem and elevate your Grounded experience to new, exciting heights!

All of the Best Grounded Mods

Mods serve as transformative tools in elevating Grounded’s gameplay by introducing innovative features that cater to diverse player preferences. Whether they’re expanding building capabilities, enhancing resource management, or introducing challenging enemies, mods inject a fresh layer of creativity and excitement into the miniature world of Grounded.

These mods offer an avenue for players to customize their in-game experience, breaking free from the constraints of the vanilla game and fostering a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape. By addressing in-game limitations, tweaking mechanics, or introducing entirely new elements, these mods empower players to shape their Grounded adventure entirely according to their desires!

Here is a comprehensive list of all the greatest Grounded mods that the modding community has to offer:

More Active Mutations Mod

More Active Mutations Mod Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/ichigo13579

We’re starting this list off with a bang! As its title suggests, the More Active Mutations mod by ichigo13579 on Nexus Mods increases the number of active mutations that you can have equipped in the game, so you’ll have an even greater advantage against the 6-legged menaces of the backyard!

Cheat Menu Mod

Cheat Menu Mod Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/KaiHeilos

If you’ve been struggling to apply cheats to your game, then this mod is for you! The Cheat Menu mod by KaiHeilos on Nexus Mods adds a custom cheat menu to the game (openable with F2) that allows its users to instantly utilize any and all cheats for Grounded! It may not be the most honest method of getting a head start in the game, but honestly, who cares?

Ghost Mode (Noclip) and Flying Mod

Image via Obsidian Entertainment/Greenhouse

This mod essentially puts you into Creative mode, just without all the extra free items and such. This mod by Greenhouse on Nexus Mods essentially allows players to become ghosts; with this mod, they can fly all around the map and phase right through any obstacles in their path; you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again!

UnGrounded – Adventure Puzzle Map Mod

UnGrounded - Adventure Puzzle Map Mod Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/Eveep23

This is easily one of the coolest Grounded mods out there. The UnGrounded – Adventure Puzzle Map mod is by Eveep23 on Nexus Mods, and it completely revitalizes the Grounded experience; this mod throws players into an entirely new story onto an entirely new map! Players will have to navigate their way through an unknown spaceship and locate the unholy aliens that are dead set on destruction. You can choose to either take them down or help them burn everything in their path!

More BURG.L Quests Rewards Mod

More BURG.L Quests Rewards Grounded Mod
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/Sidiusz

The More BURG.L Quests Rewards mod is a game-changing modification that multiplies all of the rewards that BURG.L provides players for completing quests. We’re not just talking about doubling or tripling the rewards here, either; you can get up to 10 times the amount of rewards for every quest completed! Hop on over to Nexus Mods and check out this mod by Sidiusz if you want to get rich quickly in Grounded.

A New Hauling Master Mod

A New Hauling Master Mod Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/gitmenv

This is, by far, one of the most useful Grounded mods to have ever been created. Are you tired of having to watch your weak-ass character struggle to lift a maximum of only 5 planks or stems at a time?? Well, no more! This mod by gitmenv on Nexus Mods ‘roids your characters up to be able to carry anywhere from 50 to 999 planks and stems at a time!

Better Status Effects Mod

Better Status Effects Grounded Mod
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/Gurudo99

Speaking of getting buffed up on steroids, the Better Status Effects mod gives the smoothies in this game a serious boost. The Better Status Effects mod by Gurudo99 on Nexus Mods extends the duration of smoothies to a whopping 5 minutes, doubles the potency of their effects, and enhances the utility of other positive status effects. In addition to the smoothies, this mod also beefs up the healing process from bandages and lessens the damage caused by poison!

Minimap Mod

Minimap Mod Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/paboyafx

The Minimap mod by paboyafx on Nexus Mods may not seem like the most exciting mod out there, but don’t be fooled; this is easily one of the most helpful Grounded mods ever made. The only changes that this mod makes to the game are the addition of a minimap and a small compass in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It may not seem like much, but it’s saved countless virtual lives in Grounded, not to mention making it easier for revived players to find their lost loot!

Double Damage Mod

Shooting a Spider in Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

As its title might suggest, the Double Damage mod cranks up the combat chaos by doubling the damage dealt by both creatures and players alike! With creatures packing a bigger punch and players unleashing double the havoc, this mod will transform your playthrough into an action-packed adventure that will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your miniaturized seat for the whole ride. Check out KaiHeilos’s page on Nexus Mods if you’re up for the challenge!

Creeper Mod

Creeper Mod Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment/Sidiusz

We’re ending this list off just like it started – with a bang (literally)! All the Grounded mods on this list so far have been incredibly useful and essential for in-game progress, so we’re finishing it off with one that’s just for fun. The Creeper mod by Sidiusz on Nexus Mods replaces the Bratburst weapon with a Creeper from Minecraft; say what you will about its silly premise, but you have not lived until you’ve beaten an insect to death with a miniature creeper.

In the ever-evolving microcosm of Grounded, the modding community has proven to be the unsung hero, breathing new life into this captivating miniature adventure. For more Grounded content, check out Gamer Journalist’s numerous Grounded guides, like our guide on “How to Defeat the Wasp Queen in Grounded” or our list of “All the Weapons and Tools in Grounded“!

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