How to Get Spicy Globs in Grounded?

Let's spice things up.
Battle Ready in Grounded
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Grounded is the game in which you and your friends have to survive the adventure in the backyard. Now, there’s a catch: All of you are shrunk to the ant size. The world of Grounded is cruel and filled with dangers, so you have to carefully choose your path.

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One of the crucial aspects of this game is resource management. With the right resources, you can upgrade your equipment, which will give you an advantage over the enemies. One of the resources is Spicy Glob.

Where Can You Find Spicy Glob in Grounded?

Spicy Glob is an uncommon item, and it is a collection of spicy shards that are baked and shaped in a rectangular shape. These items are great for imbuing the equipment to give them special properties. After you get the Sandbox Chip, you can unlock Spicy Glob. After that, you can buy it from BURG.L, your robot assistant.

How to Create a Spicy Glob?

Buying is not the only way to update this rare material. You can make a Spicy Glob by baking it in an Oven. To do that, you need the following ingredients:

  • 2 x Spicy Shard
  • 1 x Sturdy Whetstone

What Can You Create From Spicy Globs?

Spicy Globs can be used for making weapons and equipment. The ending result is usually an item with a major Spicy Damage. There are two items you can create by using Spicy Globs.

Spicy Coaltana is a powerful Tier 3 two-handed sword that comes with spicy damage by default. You can forge it at the Workbench if you have the following ingredients:

  • 2 x Spicy Glob
  • 5 x EverChar Coal Chunk
  • 10 x Tough Gunk

Spicy Staff is a mighty magic tool that fires powerful spicy magic. The magic takes the form of a spicy bowl that damages all enemies in the radius. You can make Spicy Staff at the Workbench if you have the following ingredients:

  • 5x Spicy Glob
  • 5x Pinecone Piece
  • 5x Tough Gunk
  • 5x Fire Ant Mandibles

Spicy Glob is a useful item for making weapons and equipment with spicy damage. For more related articles, check out our Grounded: Acid Damage Explained or How to Easily Kill a Black Widow in Grounded?

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