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How to Duplicate Items in Grounded – Super Duper Guide

Super Duper dupes!
Super Duper in Grounded
Image via Obsidian Entertainment

Grounded is a survival game that shrinks players down to the size of ants and throws them into a suburban backyard to fight for their lives! players will need to hold their own against giant insects, unexpected threats, and nature itself if they ever want to live long enough to return to normal. Download Grounded today if you think you’ve got what it takes!

The Super Duper is a new item in Grounded that was introduced in the 1.2 update. This item is especially exciting because it allows players to duplicate items in the game without using glitches! If you want to know how to utilize the Super Duper in Grounded and duplicate items, then just refer to the full-length guide below!

How to Duplicate Items in Grounded with the Super Duper

The Super Duper makes duplicating items easy in Grounded! This new in-game machine allows players to duplicate items and equipment using Raw Science; it allows players to duplicate unique items, trinkets, and even upgrade stones.

The best part about this item is, you don’t need to craft it or even go out looking for it! The Super Duper is merely a new piece of equipment that can be easily located by players in the Oak Lab.

To use it, players will first need to locate and collect new items called “Duper Discs” throughout the yard. Once the Duper Discs are retrieved, they’ll need to be taken to the Super Duper machine.

The first Duper Disc will unlock the machine and allow players to use it, while the other discs will grant players the ability to unlock the duping of higher-tier equipment and items.

Where to Find the Super Duper in Grounded

The Super Duper can’t be crafted, which means players will have to look for it if they want to use it. Don’t worry though, locating the Super Duper is a lot easier than you think!

As previously mentioned, the Super Duper is located in the Oak Lab. All players need to do is head to the lab and pay a visit to BURG.L. The Super Duper machine is a large piece of equipment that should be located next to the loveable BURG.L robot.

Here’s an image of where the Super Duper should be located:

Super Duper and BURG.L in Grounded
Screenshot via Obsidian Entertainment

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All Duper Disc Locations in Grounded

You’ll need a lot of Duper Discs if you want to duplicate items in Grounded. Thankfully, there are a lot of Discs to be found, and they all spawn in set locations!

Just look in these locations to get your hands on every Duper Disc in the game:

  • Duper Disc 1 – The first Duper Disc can be found all the way at the end of the Hedge Lab, right next to the Super Chip.
    • This Disc allows players to use the Super Duper.
  • Duper Disc 2 – The second Duper Disc is located all the way at the very end of the Pond Lab, next to the Super Chip.
    • This Disc increases the Super Duper’s Raw Science cap to 3,000.
  • Duper Disc 3 – The third and final Duper Disc is found at the very end of the Haze Lab, located next to the Super Chip.
    • This Disc increases the Super Duper’s Raw Science cap to 20,000.

Once you’ve got all of these Discs in your possession, you’ll be able to duplicate any item you want in Grounded!

Grounded is full of unexpected surprises, the Super Duper machine is only one of them! If you want to discover all of the cool features that this game has to offer, then check out Gamer Journalist’s massive archive of Grounded guides!

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