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How to complete Trails in Tianqiu in Genshin Impact

How to complete Trails in Tianqiu in Genshin Impact

The Trails in Tianqiu is a multi-step quest involving three different puzzles. Going through and completing this quest grants some excellent rewards and Adventure Rank experience, so it’s one you don’t want to miss. Some of the puzzles can be challenging if you’re unsure how to do them, so we put together this guide. Here’s how to complete Trails in Tianqiu in Genshin Impact.

If you don’t already have this quest, it begins in Tianqiu Valley. Refer to the image below for the exact location. It’s easiest to teleport to the waypoint at Nantianmen or Tianqiu Valley to get there quickly. Also, make sure your Main Character has Geo vision enabled. Refer to our guide on how to change elements with your Main Character if you need help.

How to complete Trails in Tianqiu in Genshin Impact Starting Location

How to complete Trails in Tianqiu in Genshin Impact

There are three separate puzzles you need to solve to activate the altar in the center. We’ll go through each of the puzzles and explain how to beat them easily. The puzzles consist of a jumping puzzle, a fighting puzzle, and a torch lighting puzzle.

North – Torch Lighting Puzzle

Head to the north temple, and you’ll come across six unlit torches in a triangle formation. Use a Pyro character like Amber to light the torch closest to the chest on the wall. Next, light the torch in the middle of the row closest to the entrance. All six should light up and unlock the chest.

Proceed up the steps to the next part of the puzzle. Again you’ll see six torches, but this time they are in a star formation. Each torch you light will also cause the two connecting torches to either light or go out, depending on their current state.

Open the chest and go upstairs for the final part of this puzzle. There are two torches on each wall of the room. Start by lightning the torches on the left wall, followed by the right wall, then the back wall, and finally the front wall next behind the chest. Go from left to right on each wall and the chest should unlock. Open the chest, and hop up on the pedastal behind it to get the pyramid object. It will follow you when you get close enough. Bring it back to the starting location outside in the center.

West – Jumping Puzzle

The west temple contains a platforming puzzle. We recommend using the Main Character with Geo vision. If you didn’t know, you can change your Main Character’s element to Geo by visiting a Statue of the Seven in Liyue and selecting the option.

We’ll want to use the MC’s element ability to place Spheres that we can jump on to boost up to the platforms. You have a minute in total to make your way to the top. The toughest part is knowing to use the Main Character’s Geo element ability. Aside from that, it’s a piece of cake. Place your ability on each platform and jump up to the next.

Make your way to the very top, and collect the pyramid light source. Pick up the chest on the front wall on your way down. Make your way back to the center between all the puzzles, and get ready for the final puzzle.

South – Fighting Puzzle

The south temple contains the most straightforward puzzle of the bunch. Each floor has waves of enemies you must defeat before the timer runs out. Pick a strong team composition with elements that synergize together. Work your way through each floor, and that’s all you need to do.

After completing the third puzzle, you can turn it in. A wave of enemies will spawn and try to steal your precious loot. Defeat them all, and three chests will spawn with your reward.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete Trails in Tianqiu in Genshin Impact. I hope this guide helps you out if you’re stuck. Good luck!

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