How to Complete The Party Never Stops in Final Fantasy 7 Remake
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How to Complete The Party Never Stops in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Party Never Stops Final Fantasy 7 Remake
The Party Never Stops Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This guide explains how to complete The Party Never Stops side quest in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. To open up this side quest, you will need to meet the quest requirements, which are outlined below.

The Party Never Stops Quest Requirements

During chapter 9, you may need to make the following choices in order to unlock this particular side quest. Some players have reported selecting different choices for some of these, or not doing some of them at all, and still unlocking The Party Never Stops.

  • During Sam’s dialogue, when describing Tifa to him be sure to say “She’s in great shape”.
  • Complete the Johnny Discovery Event, where he runs away from you at the Wall Market. Choose “yeah” during his dialogue.
  • Talk to the man in front of the hotel at the Wall Market and ask “how much”.
  • Talk to the hotel receptionist and choose “yes” during her dialogue.
  • During Sam’s coin flip, pick “no deal”.
  • At Madam M’s massage parlor, pick the cheapest option, which is the “Poot Man’s Course” for 100 Gil.
  • Tell Aerith her outfit is “Alright” when she asks.
  • Complete The Underground Colosseum objective.

How to Complete The Party Never Stops in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

To begin the quest you will need to speak with the Clothing Store Owner’s Son. He will ask you to help him out with his dad and bring him back to the store from the bar. As soon as you exit the clothing store, Johnny will walk up to you and show you to the Dunkard’s Den.

Find the old man inside to the right and speak with him. The man will then send you on a quest to get his inspiration back. You’ll see an icon pop up on your map that will lead you to a Materia Vendor. The Vendor offers to give back the inspiration if you get him The Sauce from the Inn.

Use Assess on the vending machine to find the secret buttons and obtain The Sauce. Bring it back to the Materia Vendor who will then tell you to go to The Restaurant. Head to the restaurant and then speak with the owner and offer him some cooking advice. Your choice here will depend on your Ice, Fire, or Lightning Materia level.

The restaurant owner will then give you a medicine voucher. Go outside and the Pharmacist will take your voucher and ask you to deliver medicine to a few people based on the level of your Cleansing Materia. The higher level it is, the more help you will be.

Delivery some medicine to a guy at the Drunkard’s Den, who can be found inside the bathroom. You can actually progress to the next part after this.

Drunkard’s Den Medicine

You can get some more rewards by delivering medicine to the other two people as well, which can be found here:

Medicine Delivery Locations

Head back to the Pharmacist and he will give you the old man’s inspiration back. Return to the Drunkard’s Den and deliver it to him. Now you can go back to the store owner’s son to complete The Party Never Stops.

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