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How to Complete The Key to Success in Escape from Tarkov

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The best way to level up in Escape from Tarkov is to loot every body you come across and to complete Quests. As you progress naturally through Questlines given by Traders, you will naturally level up through EXP given as a reward. ‘The Key to Success’ Quest from Ragman offers players a 15,600 EXP reward alongside a positive Rep upon completion. For those trying to complete Ragman’s Quests to reach a Loyalty Level 4, you must be at least Level 26 after gathering approximately 67,000 EXP in your playthrough. This is our guide on how to complete Ragman’s ‘The Key to Success’ Quest in Escape from Tarkov.

How to Complete ‘The Key to Success’

The Objectives for this Quest is a standard Pickup Mission. Here you are required to find and obtain 2 Books titled ‘Clothes Design Handbook – Part 1 & 2’. You are looking for two separate books located in two different locations inside the Interchange Map. Once you have obtained the books, return them to Ragman to complete the Quest.

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Clothes Design Handbook Locations

For ease of access we are looking for ‘Clothes Design Handbook – Part 2’ first. Enter the ULTRA Mall where you need to find the Book Store/Library on the first floor. Upon entering at the main entrance of the Mall, head immediately up the first flight of stairs/escalators and then turn right. Going into the main section of the Mall. Keep follow that path and do not turn left or right for the intersections of the Mall. The Sector you are looking for is titled ‘книгоед’. It is located opposite KOSTIN. Head into the Book Store from the Store name entrance, go past two aisles and check the third book aisle. The Design Handbook is located on the bottom shelf (last book on the aisle on the right) of this third aisle on the entrance side.

The next book ‘Clothes Design Handbook – Part 1’ can be found on the second floor. Head up the escalators and turn right from the Store TECHLIGHT. Take a left when you see the next passageway open out in front of you now that you are a good distance away from TECHLIGHT. Go into ‘МУЗЕЙ ИСТОРИИ’, the Museum with old Arcade games inside. Head into the Museum from the entrance (sign above) and go straight to the first aisle directly on your right (located in the middle of the Sector). The Handbook is not located on this bookcase, rather it is on the ground in front of it. Check the pile for the Handbook and pick up ‘Part 1’.


The final part of the Mission is to extract from Interchange and get the Handbooks to Ragman to complete the Mission. So long as you extract without being taken down and speak with Ragman, the Quest ‘The Key to Success’ will finish.

That is how to complete ‘The Key to Success’ Ragman Quest in Escape from Tarkov. We hope this guide was helpful in aiding you in completing the Quest. For more Escape from Tarkov guides, take a look at: How to Get SICC Case in Escape from Tarkov or How to Get the Gas Analyzer in Escape from Tarkov. Feel free to give us a follow on our Facebook for updated guides, future gaming content and joining in on gaming discussions.

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